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Ishq-e-Laa Episode-12 Review: The episode bids farewell to Shanaya

Azlaan losses Shanaya and it seems that his spiritual journey has just begin.

Ishq-e-Laa Episode-12 ReviewIshq-e-Laa Episode-12 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Ishq-e- Laa the Hum TV drama serial on its 12th episode takes quite a tragic turn. This episode truly belongs to Sajal Aly. In the previous episode we have seen that Alihaa gets kidnapped and Kanwal takes back the case but Shanaya is still pursuing the matter. This episode bids farewell to Shanaya as she gets killed while fighting to seek justice for Sultan.

Kanwal and family are terribly waiting for the call, they have already taken back the case. Kanwal is terrified that what if they will not return Alihaa? At last Kanwal gets a call from an unknown number and there she gets all the instructions to reach at the exact location which is far from the city. Kanwal along with her mother in law reached that location.

Kanwal and her mother in law are not the only people who reached that place, Shanaya has also closely following them. Well on Shanaya’s end it is a huge blunder she can cause risk to herself but she can also put poor Alihaa’s life at risk too. Shanaya is following Kanwal and she is filming the whole scene of Alihaa’s release. All is going well but then at the end Shanaya drops something and it creates a sound.

Alihaa is safely released and she goes back with her mother but the goons have spotted Shanaya and they started following her. Shanaya before reaching the spot has called Azlaan and asks her too to reach at the exact location, Azlaan is on his way when he receives another call from Shanaya that she is being followed by some people. Shanaya starts racing her car but they are closely following her and they get the instructions from Haroon to shoot her as they know that she has the evidence of them filming the scene.

Azlaan too reaches at the spot but its too late, Shayana has been trapped and another blunder Shanaya makes is that she comes out of the car and starts running towards Azlaan. The goons shot her and she is in critical state. Azlaan takes her to the hospital. Well not a single drop of blood is shown which looks so unreal. Azlaan for the very first time enters into a mosque and prays to Allah praying to grant Shanaya’s life and says that he will always going to bow his head in front of Him but if does not let her live he will not going to bow his head in front of Him again. Azlaan losses Shanaya and it seems that his spiritual journey has just begin. He starts questioning God that why He has not granted his wish?

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