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Ishq e Laa Second Last Episode Review: Azlaan does not want to divorce Azka

Azlaan asks Azka to teach him to offer Namaz

Ishq e Laa Second Last Episode ReviewIshq e Laa Second Last Episode Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Hum TV drama serial Ishq e Laa is about to conclude, this 3oth episode is its second last. As the story is moving towards its resolution we are finding it quite interesting. Performances are brilliant particularly Azaan Sami Khan has impressed us with his incredible performance. In the previous episode, we have seen a change of heart in Azlaan. In this episode, he tries to be more close to Allah and he does not want to divorce Azka.

Azka is back in Azlaan’s home taking care of his mother and posing in front of her as if she is very happy. Azlaan likes Azka taking care of his mother. The scenes between Azka and Azlaan are really cute. Azlaan asks Azka to teach him how to offer namaz and then the following scene where Azlaan makes coffee for her and apologizes for her past behavior makes our heart goes out for him.

We are really rooting for Azka and Azlaan, we certainly do not want her to end with Zain. We have no reason to dislike him but we do not want him to marry Azka. Azka is giving us mixed signals as z  she herself does not talk much with Zain but she also does not want to continue this paper marriage contract anymore.

Azlaan has turned into a new leaf, he wants his relationship with his Lord stronger. He even calls his old employee with whom he has misbehaved, he truly apologizes to him and tells him to rejoin his office. He is paying regular visits to Professor Rehman in which he has expressed his wish not to divorce Azka. In this episode, Azlaan reads all the letters Azka has written for him for her secret benefactor. Azlaan is moved by Azka’s gratitude.

Azlaan is reluctant to divorce Azka. He even offers her to stay in this marriage, he tells her that although he does not love her he promises that he will fulfill all her needs. Azka’s reply to this offer is justified how come she accepts someone who clearly says that she does not love her! Well is Azlaan reluctant to divorce Azka because he does not want his mother to know about this paper contract? or is he really start liking her and wanting her to stay in this relationship? We are certainly rooting for Azlaan and Azka, want them to end up together.

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