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Ishq Tamasha Episode 8 Review: Will Mehrab Be Able To Pay Back Mirha Her Honor?

Rushna has really led Mirha into exorbitant trouble


Ishq Tamasha, our Sunday favorite! We actually wait the whole week for this particular drama because its simply outstanding. 8 episodes down, Ishq Tamasha has you hooked completely, owing to its wonderful story and superb execution.

The 8th episode revolved around Mirha’s kidnapping and the consequences of it. Following Arham’s breakdown and his immense love for him, Mehrab kidnapped Mirha thinking of her as Rushna and now has her life in shambles.  Aiman Khan has truly given her best to Mirha and so has Junaid Khan, the few scenes where Mehrab was brimming with hatred were just amazing. Brilliant direction by Danish Nawaz and  an amazing script by Misbah Noureen make Ishq Tamasha an absolutely riveting combination.  The play is progressing on the confusion of mistaken identities and it is certainly becoming a treat to watch every week. We’re in love with the leading actors of this drama and the beautiful story by Misbah Nosheen.

This episode begins when Mehrab in a furious rage knocks at Rushna’s house. Mirha goes to see who is on the door. On finding Mehrab she scolds him for banging the door but instead of apologizing Mehrab starts blaming her (thinking of her as Rushna) and they have an exchange of harsh words and arguments. As a consequence, Mehrab grabs Mirha ‘s hand and put her into her car! Yes Mirha is kidnapped!

On the other hand, the family is left wondering about Mirha’s whereabouts. After much speculations, Rushna feels Mirha is in trouble.


Mehrab takes Mirha to his farmhouse and locks her in a room. He tells her straight off that she’ll be wed to Arham. The plan is to have the nikkah done and then drop Mirha back home and bring her back once she accepts her relationship with Arham. Even though Mirha tries to escape but is brought back by Mehrab, who now says she will get married to Arham at all costs. He doesn’t pay heed to her pleadings and her explanations of not being Rushna.

What will happen now? Mirha’s life is completely ruined, even Wahaaj won’t accept her now let alone Chachi jaan? What will happen when Arham sees her and tells Mehrab the truth? Where will Mirha go? Will she be then Mehrab’s liability because he is the one who has ruined her life? Stay tuned to Ishq Tamasha every Sunday at 8pm on Hum TV to find out.


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