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Kaala Doriya Episode-22 Review: Munna breaks the ice with Shajji

This is one refreshing episode with cute moments

HUM TV drama serial Kaala Doriya is 22 episodes down and it seems like the play is moving fast towards its conclusion. It excites us as we anticipate that the play going to end with two happy couples but at the same time, it is making us sad also as we have connected so well with all these characters we going to miss them. In this episode particularly I want to give a shout-out to Taimur Akbar, I think he has nailed his character as Gohar.

Mahnoor’s world turns upside down when she hears about Saleeqa asking for Bubbly’s hand for Asfi. Mahnoor is dying to talk with Asfand where as Asfi is busy daydreaming about her so much so that he even forgets to charge his phone. Mahnoor is getting anxious she even tries to bribe Baray Abba with Halwa so that he can make Asfand talk with her how cute! Well, poor Asfi has no idea what Mahnoor is going through.

Saleeqa has only shared this Bubbly rishta thing with Nida only and she has strictly told Nida not to tell anyone in the house. Bee Jaan gets the inkling of it and she makes a hue and cries over it as her wish is to make Mahnoor Asafand’s bride. Saleeqa is arguing hard with Bee jaan when Baray Abba arrived at the house, he gets fumed to see Saleeqa talking with her wife so he takes Bee Amma along with him to live at Shajji’s house.

Shajji’s health condition is not well, it gets worse on the lane. Munna gets worried to see his brother in this condition sitting like that on the footpath. He breaks the ice by offering him help. However, Shajji is still in his ego but Munna’s heart melts for his brother. He takes him to the hospital in his car. Reports are not good he requires urgent treatment. It seems that with Shajji’s illness, the differences between the two families going to end.

Mahnoor confronts Asfi on Bubbly’s issue, she even starts getting jealous seeing Bubbly talking with Asfand. Asfand minds her for mistrusting his love. The episode ends on seeing two happy couples. It is delightful to see all the friends happy together with no hard feelings. Out of nowhere, Gohar has paired up with his cousin Bubbly well we know that Bubbly has feelings for him. Gohar and Bubbly teasing Mahnoor and Asfi look cute. The actual issue is what will be Saleeqa and Tano’s reaction to it. Craving the next episode.

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