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Kaisa Hai Naseeban Episode 3 & 4 Review: Heartbreaking!

The ARY Digital newest offering Kaisa Hai Naseeban is definitely proving to be an eye opener. The drama gives you goosebumps because somewhere you realize that it has only been inspired from our society; cases like these exist in Pakistan where parents are always in a hurry to get their daughters married without any proper background check.

In this case, Mariam (Ramsha Khan), who has now been married to Ahmed (Muneeb Butt) moved to Malaysia to live with the groom’s family. Since Ahmed was Mariam’s cousin, no background check was done on him and her father agreed to the proposal rather hastily.


After marriage Mariam is flown to Malaysia without any delays and it is here that she is now experiencing that all the glitters is not gold. Ahmed proves to be a spineless husband, mostly influenced by his mother, who perhaps got him married to have a maid in her house. Mariam toils away the entire day, realizing her aunt made fake promises to her father to take care of her. The poor girl is made to do all the house chores and her husband, Ahmed, often beats her up, giving excuses one after another. Mariam is not only being physically but emotionally abused by her in law and once she realizes Ahmed doesn’t have any means to earn and because he has to repay a big debt (which his friend took as an investment form someone and vanished with the papers in Ahmed’s name), she is now being forced to work in a restaurant so that Ahmed can repay his debt.

Its been some time Mariam came to Malaysia after her wedding but she has not gotten a chance to talk to her parents as yet. Her aunt (Uzma Gilani) very artfully puts off Mariam’s dad whenever he calls and Ahmed makes sure she doesn’t get a chance to be in touch with her parents.


The drama shows Mariam’s hardships and perhaps this is what will convince Mariam to escape the foreign life and came back home. However, for that we’ll have to wait and see the next episode. For now, we have Muneeb Butt giving a splendid performance as Ahmed. Muneeb’s transition from a chocolate hero to this despicable excuse for a husband is simply superb in Kaisa Hai Naseeban. Ramsha Khan too gives a convincing performance as Mariam and makes hearts go out to her as she experiences pain and abuse at the hands of her own blood relatives. Ahmed Bhatti has done a splendid job as a director for this one bringing out close to life performances from his cast.

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