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Kaisa Hai Naseeban Episodes 15 & 16 Review: Waheed saves poor Mariam from Ahmed’s wrath

Another two episodes of Kaisa Hai Naseebaan on aired revealing more of poor Mariam’s miseries as a helpless girl who is living in abroad on the mercy of her selfish and brutal husband and in laws. The issue of domestic violence that too for the girls married aboard is very intelligently portrayed in the play by the writer Sameena Aijaz and brilliantly directed by Ahmed Bhatti. Ramsha Khan has beautifully played the role of a domestic violence victim. Muneeb Butt as Ahmed is simply superb. Displaying his range as an actor, Butt has certainly certified himself as a powerful performer. Uzma Gillani is a veteran and knows her craft too well. You’ll hate Ahmed and Musarrat Apa on sight, such is the brilliance with which they’ve portrayed their characters with.

The episodes begin when Ahmed by deceiving Mariam and his family is successful in dragging her back to Malaysia. The first thing poor Mariam realizes on reaching back home is that Ahmed has lied about Phupo’s heart attack and he actually wanted to trap her. Now no one can save poor Mariam from Ahmed’s wrath. Ahmed beats the hell out of Mariam. She is so helpless and alone even phupho is fueling Ahmed instead of saving her.


Well it seems like nature has intervened and saved Mariam for time being. The doctor reveals the news of Mariam’s pregnancy, changing phupo’s attitude towards her. Ahmed, however, is not moved with this news at all. In fact he also seeds his mother’s mind with doubt too that this child may not be of his. Well it seems so weird that Phupho believes her son when she should have herself know about her niece’s character. In Pakistan Maraim’s mother is worried as she has not called her after reaching home, her mother is extremely worried for Mariam as she has sensed that Mariam is not happy. So is Affan and he gets super worried when he learns that they have gone back to Malaysia.

Ahmed finds out that Mariam has a mobile phone too so he hides it and now he is ready to catch her red handed with the guy he is assuming that Mariam is having an affair with. However Ahmed on following Mariam learns that she is doing a second job and that too looking after an old lady. Instead of appreciating her and relaxing on the fact that his doubts have been proved wrong Ahmed drags Mariam from that place to the house and beats the hell out of her,  not aware of the fact that Waheed and his sister are also present there.


Waheed is appalled to see poor Mariam being beaten so badly and he has sensed that there is no one else who can support her. Waheed intervenes and stops Ahmed from beating her and furthermore he takes Mariam along to his home despite of Sana’s disapproval. He takes her to the hospital where the doctor is shocked to see Mariam’s condition and to Mariam’s surprise Sana lies about Mariam in front of the doctor that her husband is out of country and she has fallen from a staircase. This is a bitter reality so many women lie about their injuries and hide the dark reality of domestic violence, that selfish and cruel Sana has not only saved her brother but aids him in his crime too. Will Waheed be able to rescue Mariam from all this miserable life? We’re more than eager to find out what would happen next in Kaisa Hai Naseeban.


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