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Kashf Episode-4 Review: Beside curses, Kashf is also gaining reverence!

Kashf is having dreams where she see Zoya as Wajdaan's wife

Kashf-Episode-4-ReviewIn this episode Beside curses, Kashf is also gaining reverence - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Kashf the drama serial airing at HUM TV is a unique take on spiritualism, it is about a seer whose dreams come true and she is struggling with carrying this burden of knowing. Kudos to the entire team of Kashf with handling such a unique yet very sensitive topic so well. Danish Nawaz’s direction is simply brilliant and Imran Nazir has penned down a unique yet interesting tale. Performances were great too, Hira Maani is nailing her character as Kashf, while Junaid Khan’s acting is also very impressive in this play.

The burden and the pain of knowing are what Kashf is going through, her chachi is not ready to accept her in any way. Then there is a scene where Phupho’s ex-husband is shown where his novice who happens to be at Molana Sahab’s astana tells him that he has seen Begum Sahiba there ( Kashf’s Phupho) then he also tells him about Kashf and the power she is blessed with to see future in her dreams.

Poor Kashf is having a dream where she sees the death of her Khala, she is extremely worried and disturbed. She shares the dream with her mother and she takes her to that same Molana Sahab who tells them to try to stop her khala from traveling as there are chances that she might come across an accident. Kashf and her mother try to convince her khala for not taking the booked flight and to cancel it as Kashf has seen a very bad dream. Her Khala follows Kashf’s advice.

Kashf’s dream comes true the flight Kashf’s khala is supposed to take has met a disastrous accident and all the passengers have died. Kashf’s khala being a good soul accepts the fact that Kashf has saved her life. She is showing her reverence, kissing her hand, and gifts her some amount of money. Kashf is shocked to know that her dream comes true, she is actually terrified. Where as her greedy father has got an idea to cash this blessing of Kashf. He even takes the money her khala gifted her. Well, her Khala’s behavior is also typical she is treating Kashf like a holy figure, she should have the firm faith that it is Allah who has actually saved her life, Kashf’s dream was just a way to let them know.

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Kashf is afraid to sleep, she tries not to fall asleep so that she can not see any dream but at last she ends up falling asleep then she sees a very disturbing dream. She saw Wajdaan marrying her sister Zoya. This is too much for her to bear. She is literally broken but then we see that she again sees a dream that she is sitting high at a reverent spot and Wajdaan is standing beside her like a novice folding his hands and all her family members are asking her to give them the money she is showering money at all his family members and then Zoya comes and takes Wajadaan away leaving her alone. She is searching for him and then he hears his voice calling her name and she wakes up. What does it mean? Is  Zoya going to marry Wajdaan?  well, she is trying her best and we have seen that she has already convinced her dadi too.

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