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Kashf Episode-6 Review: One thing has become clear now, whatever Kashf sees eventually turns into a reality!

Kashf's father makes a deal with Matiullah to bethrone Kashf as Peerni at his astana.

Kashf Episode-6 ReviewIn this episode One thing has become clear now, whatever Kashf sees eventually turns into a reality - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Kashf, the drama serial handling a very mystical and mysterious yet a very sensitive theme of spirituality so well which is making it one of the best serials in the running at HUM TV. Helmed with brilliant execution of Danish Nawaz and a brilliant script by Imran Nazeer, the play revolves around the struggles, pain, and burden of a seer. Hira Mani is simply nailing her character with her brilliant performance and Junaid Khan’s performance is too quite impressive.

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This episode in particular sets the actual mood of the play, Kashf’s dreams are getting materialize, she is now all set to sit on a throne as a Peerni. Kashf’s greedy and mean father who has initially set her price against a handsome Haq Mehar and is almost ready to marry her off to a middle-aged man of his own age has now changed his mind after making a deal with Mattiullah this is what Khasf already knows that it is going to happen.


Kashf’s greedy father has stooped even low as he has made his mind that he is never going to marry off Kashf but instead, he will cash her foreseeing powers all her life by making her sit on a throne as a Peerni at Matiuallah’s astana. Kashf cannot refuse his father while her Phupho who happens to be Mattiuallah’s ex-wife knows what a beastly character he is. She is resolute that she will never let Kashf to work with Mattiuallah.


The character portrayal of Wajdaan is beautifully done, his love for Kashf is pure and unconditional and now it seems that besides love he has also developed feelings of reverence too for Kashf. The way he is professing his sincere feelings to Kashf is melting our hearts. Kashf’s sister is such a vile character that despite knowing all this she is still eyeing Wajdaan.


Kashf sees another vision where she sees that her Tayee, Wajdaan’s mother comes and kisses her hand in reverence. She is wondering how come it is even possible but then it is shown that Shumaila’s groom who died in an accident happens to be a drug dealer and that accident took place when he is avoiding the police.

Well one thing has become clear now that is whatever Kashf sees eventually turns into a reality!

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