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Kashf Second Last Episode Review: Wajdaan divorces Kashf

HUM TV’s drama serial Kashf with its unique storyline and brilliant performances and superb execution is indeed one of the finest drama serials in the running. The play seems to move towards its conclusion as it is the second last episode. I think we have got some hints for the conclusion of the play through the dream Kashf sees. Performances are as usual impeccable.

Wajdaan is discharged from the hospital and when he comes to know about Kashf’s deal with Mattiullah he gets mad at her and on top of that Zoya adds fuel to his anger by adding more spices from her side. Kashf has no choice but to fulfill her commitment she tries to make Wajdaan understand her point but he is in no mood to hear anything, he is mad at her for not fulfilling the promise she has made with him.

Imtiaz gets released from Police custody and he is back home. He insults Wajdaan and her mother when he sees Wajdaan stopping Kashf from going to Astana, he asks them to leave the house. Wajdaan is hurt by Kashf not obeying her orders and also by Imtiaz telling him to leave the house. He arranges for a house on rent and asks Kashf to come with him to that house. Well she is his wife she is suppose to live with him but I have no idea why Kashf refuses to go with him, she could go with him to his house and still can sit at astana. I simply have no idea why Kashf refuses to go with Wajdaan?

Wajdaan is so annoyed with Kashf’s refusal that he in front of all his family divorces Kashf. Kashf is shocked to death on hearing that his Wajdaan who used to love her unconditionally has divorced her like that. Kashf remains in a state of shock, she is not talking to anybody nor she even talks with the people who come at her asatana. She is silent. Wajdaan on the other hand seems to lost his state of mind. He in his imagination keeps talking to himself like he is talking with Kashf.

The dream Kashf sees at the end of this episode gives us an inkling how this play going to conclude. Kashf sees Wajdaan becoming a Malang and dancing selflessly on a mazaar, she also sees her father begging on a street and her dream ends with a death of someone, she sees a covered dead body of someone at her home. Kashf is not replying to any query of her followers at astana, so people have stopped giving her nazranas.

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