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5 reasons why Khuda Aur Mohabbat will be missed on our TV screens

Fans have loved Iqra and Feroze’s chemistry and how they play off of each other.

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Khuda Aur Mohabbat the hit GEO Entertainment drama is coming to an end and what a glorious run it has been for the show. The romantic drama has been well received and lauded for its performances, its production value, and the plot that spans across cities and class systems. While we are sad that we won’t see Mahi and Farhad anymore, there are elements of the show that we will hold onto forever.

Here are five reasons why we will miss Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi’s masterpiece and why this season stands tall amongst the series’ other seasons.

  • The grandeur:

The grandeur

Khuda Aur Mohabbat was mounted on a massive scale. 7th Sky Entertainment left no stone unturned in putting together a show that was opulent, extravagant, and larger than life. The sprawling mansions, lavish sets, and locations were a treat for the eyes. The characters were placed in settings that added a sense of believability to them.

  • The costume design:

The costume design


An important aspect of looking like your character is the costume. Once you get that right, the battle is half won. Mahi is a girl who belongs to a rich landlord family so her clothes are regal, refined, and gorgeous. Her wedding dress was one of the best fashion moments of the show. After Taimoor’s death, Mahi wore pastel colors that depicted her state of mind and the troubled phase of her life. On the other hand, Farhad belongs to a middle-class family so he has been given a cool, laid-back wardrobe. After ending up at the shrine, his clothes become more gypsy-like with every passing day. The show definitely scored high in that department.

  • The familial bond:

The familial bond

One of the show’s highlights was our lead characters’ relationships with their mothers. Both Mahi and Farhad’s moms are doting mothers. The same goes for Sikandar’s mother who is a force of nature and yet tender when needed. These are mothers who love their children and will do anything for them. Let’s admit it. All of us have the same kind of bonds with our mothers.

  • The performances:

The performances


The strongest element of the show is its performance. Each actor plays their character with so much honesty, it transcends on screen so beautifully. There is not one false note or a missed moment. Each character is unique and yet, thoroughly entertaining.

  • The romance and love:

The romance and love

The romance and love

Mahi and Farhad are two of the most memorable young characters of this year. People have fallen in love with them and the feelings they have for each other. Everyone wants them to end up together and have watched the show till the very end just to see that happen. Fans have loved Iqra and Feroze’s chemistry and how they play off of each other. Safe to say, whatever the outcome, Mahi and Farhad will live on in our hearts forever.


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