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Khudparast Episode 3 Review: Uswa is finally happy for getting married

Another episode of an exciting and intense drama serial Khudparast went on air yesterday. The drama revolves around a determined girl Uswa who keeps a very liberal perspective about life. However, now, Uswa’s in laws and husband to be are quite conservative and the real story is about to begin with her wedding. This intense play about the clashes of views is beautifully written by Radain Shah and well directed by Syed Aabis Raza. Ramsha Khan has beautifully played her role as Uswa.

So what went on in this week’s episode?

Uswa is not at all ready to accept the proposal as she believes that compatibility is the most important thing for marriage. How can she marry a person she has not even met? Well all of her family members are trying their best to convince her for the marriage.It seems that money and status has not yet impressed her to that extent but her family members are going gaga over Hanan’s status and his family.


Bakhtawar’s status and wealth has blinded Uswa’s mother so much so that she has agreed to all the conditions Bakhtawar has put in front of her. Well Uswa’s bhabhi is super happy with all those conditions as she knows that it will suffocate Uswa and she wants her to face hard time. Bakhtawar wants a simple Nikaah ceremony with no pomp and show, she needs nothing not a single penny in dowry and most important thing is that she wants Uswa to observe complete Pardah after her marriage.


Well these conditions are absolutely unacceptable to Uswa as she is shocked to hear such orthodox views and the thought of them is suffocating her. Well strangely Uswa is still meeting Adeel and her mother is letting her to do so. She is treating Adeel like her best friend with whom she shares all her problems and with whom she pours her heart out but still she has no feelings for him! Strange! She is indifferent whenever Adeel tries to express his feelings for her as if she is not ready to accept him too.


Uswa gets relaxed and happy when she inquires from Beenish about Hanaan and she assures her that Hanaan is a decent fellow, in fact she says that he is the best person in the whole family and that she will be extremely lucky to have him. This assurance clears all doubts from Uswa’s head now she is all set to marry Hanan,as she likes his picture too and also she is bit convinced from her mother’s counseling. She has made her mind to live a life of her dreams and for that Hanan seems a decent choice.

Lets see what happens next because for now, we’re readily impressed and hooked to this simple, yet intriguing story.

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