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Koi Chand Rakh Episode 6 Review: Zain is now romancing Rabail to make Nishal jealous

We believe writer Maha Malik has done a fabulous job with her story for Koi Chand Rakh. Its certainly very different from what we have seen before on television and credited by excellent direction by Siraj ul Haq and amazing performances by the drama’s lead cast, we have a new favorite in ARY Digital’s Koi Chand Rakh.

The episode begins when Umair is in hospital and is blaming his mother and sister for ruining her life.It is true Umair’s mother and Nishal who are responsible for his condition but they have brought down everything on Rabail. Instead of feeling guilty over the issue Nishal puts the whole blame on Rabail that she is the one who agreed to Zain’s proposal and betrayed him.


Zain on the other hand is portayed as a cool dude who is more focused on his revenge than what his heart actually wanted. He starts romancing Rabail claiming her as his wife just to make Nishal jealous. Nishaal pretends that she has not been affected by this but deep inside everything is certainly disturbing her, making her more bitter towards Rabail. However, in actuality Rabail has not come up to the standards of Zain’s dream girl and it is making him frustrated more and more.


Umair’s reaction has been very strong, his passion and anger towards Rabail is not going any less. Umair’s father gets to know the whole situation and it makes him very worried. On top of that Umair’s passion and his demands are even more alarming he says that he won’t accept Rabail’s nikkah and he will make Zain divorce her.

Rabail’s situation in the entire episode has been very awkward because she does not know what to expect of her life. However, she has told Umair very clearly that even if Zain leaves her, she will never accept him.


Areeba Habib has done a fabulous job as Nishal. Even though a newcomer, Areeba nails playing Nishal and has made us a fan. However, two people who really stand out with their demeanor and acting in Koi Chand Rakh, have to be Muneeb Butt and Imran Abbas in their respective roles. While Muneeb plays the passionate Umair accurately, Imran Abbas plays the cool dude Zain with perfect ease, not giving in an extra ounce of emotion or overdoing his part. Ayeza as the plain jane Rabail too is wonderful in her role but we want her to deliver something extraordinary, something we haven’t seen her doing before.

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