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Malaal e Yaar Episode-21 Review: Minhal and Faiq relationship is in trouble too

With engaging content and a gripping plot, a perfect portrayal of feudalistic mindset and well-crafted characters, Malaal e Yaar has become our favorite drama serial in the running. Apart from the interesting story, it is the characters which are making the play even more interesting, Zain Baig’s portrayal as Malik Balaaj is one such fine example, his look, the way he delivers dialogues all are spot on.

The episode begins where Hooriya is making fun of Malik Balaaj for faking her injury and then she again starts the drama when Bibi Jaan enters into the room, Surprisingly Bibi Jaan is helping her out and taking care of her and scolding Balaaj to show little concern and asks him The Malik Balaaj to make Hooriya wear her chappal! Hooriya is thoroughly enjoying all this and Balaaj feels so helpless to do anything.


Faiq gets a promotion and also a brand new car. He shares his success with his mother but he also wants to share his success with his fiance Minhal. He tries to invite her for dinner but she tells that it is not possible for her to come. He tries to convince Minhal’s parents through his mother who calls Minhal’s stepmom and surprisingly Wahajat gives Minhal permission to go out with Faiq!


Amber is just being pathetic when she comes to know that Minhal is going out with her fiance, she gets mad and demands a reason from Bibi Jaan that why she is being so lenient in their case as she was not in her case. Bibi Jaan stops Minhal from going but then Wahajat intervenes and allows her to go with Faiq. She had a really great time out with Faiq and Faiq seems to be really impressed by her, her thoughts and simplicity. Amber has so much venom against her own cousins that she starts fueling her father against Minhal that she goes out with her fiance, such a pathetic character she is!


Malik Jahangir snubs Malik Wajahat for letting her daughter go out with her fiance which is against the norms and values of their family. Wajahat for the very first time speaks for her daughter’s rights and happiness, he says that he has already sacrificed her elder daughter’s happiness but now he will not let anyone ruin Minhal’s happiness. Amber is having tea at her terrace when she sees Minhal getting out of the car, she is noticing it very closely but has she recognized Faiq?

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