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Malaal e Yaar Episode 30 Review: Balaaj comes to meet his Samreen chachi

The drama serial Malaal e Yaar running on HUM TV is one of our most favorite Prime Time Watch, with an engaging content and amazing characters, the play is depicting feudalism and feudalistic mindset. Zain Baig is brilliantly carrying his character as Balaaj and Azeekah Daniel and Zain Baig’s onscreen chemistry looks so perfect.

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The episode begins when Samreen tells Hooriya to call his dad to come home. Wajahat is more than happy when he hears that Samreen is calling him to meet her. He is also worrying that what he will do when she will ask her about Hooriya’s marriage because he knows that in that case, he has failed her. Their meeting is one emotional and intense scene where Samreen thanks him for taking care of her daughters and little she knows what happened with them. Although Samreen has softened but her tone and attitude are still cold.


Balaaj is trying to call Hooriya but she cannot take his call in front of her mother. Danish comes to meet Samreen and on watching her, Samreen starts talking about Hooriya and his marriage which is disturbing Hooriya a lot. She calls him later and tells him not to come home. On the other hand, Balaaj is trying to call her and that pathetic Amber arrives at the same time with tea in his room and starts fueling him against Hooriya taunting him how helpless he is.


Balaaj calls Hooriya and tells him that he cannot find his things, he needs her. It looks so cute that he is now missing Hooriya as his wife. When Hooriya tells him that give maid the phone she will explain to her about his things, he says the maid is not my wife, how cute. Faiq and his mother are also discussing Samreen and Faiq tells his mother that she does not know about Hooriya’s marriage so do not talk anything about it in front of her.


Balaaj goes at Samreen Chachi’s house. Hooriya opens the door and she is very worried to see him. She begs him not to tell her mother about their marriage and to go before they come, while she is begging Samreen and Minhal arrive, and Samreen is wondering who is that guy. Balaaj comes forward greets her and introduces himself as Malik Balaaj son of Malik Shehbaaz and nephew of Malik Wajahat and he bends forward and kisses Samreen Chachi’s hand in respect. Samreen is shocked and worried to see her.

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