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Malaal e Yaar Episode-41 Review: Faiq once again refuses to marry Amber

Malaal e Yaar, the play running on HUM TV is one of the most engaging drama serials. The drama serial’s 41st episode has been aired but still, the story has not lost its interest in fact it is getting more and more gripping. The play is very artfully depicting feudalism and feudalistic mindset and its aristocracies.

The episode begins when Faiq is extremely disturbed by what Taya Sarkar has said to him. He likes Amber but he is not ready to make any decision. Amber calls Faiq and she is telling him that he does not have to worry, everything will be all right. Hooriya over hears some of her conversations and she realizes that she likes someone but Bibi Jaan is not ready to accept this, she sincerely offers her help to Amber saying that she is just like her sister but Amber is so vile that she rudely rejects her offer by saying that she does not want her help, both of the sisters have already created a lot of trouble for her.


Taya Sarkar is busy in his election campaign but he is realizing that he badly needs Balaaj. Taya Sarkar in his false ego cannot ask Balaaj himself but then Amber tells Balaaj that her Baba Sarkar needs him and he can not leave him alone like that. Balaaj goes to Taya Sarkar’s room and asks his forgiveness, he sits at his feet and asks him to forgive and let him participate in election campaign. Taya Sarkar accepts his apology just because he needs him for election.


Taya Sarkar invites Faiq and his mother on dinner and everyone is wondering how come Taya Sarkar is being so nice with Faiq, except Amber who is super happy and she wears Faiq’s favorite color and a very dark lipstick. Minhal, on the other hand, is fearing that something bad is going to happen. Bibi Jaan too is fearing that something bad is going to happen, she snubs Amber for telling her Baba about Faiq and also wearing a bold color lipstick. Taya Sarkar tells Faiq to leave his job and starts helping Balaaj in political matters but Faiq says that he is happy with his job.


Faiq is extremely disturbed and his mother has somehow understood his confusion. She advice him to forget Amber tells him that she is the one who left him in his bad days and now when his status has changed she is back in his life, she deserves not be in his life whereas Minhal is very innocent girl with a pure heart and she has made a commitment to her mother. Her mother further tells him to make a clear decision and he has to choose anyone. Faiq meets Taya Sarkar and tells him that he cannot marry Amber.

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