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Malaal e Yaar Episode-42 Review: Balaaj is stuck in a difficult situation

Faiq's life is in danger!


Malaal e Yaar the drama serial on airing on HUM TV is based on a story about feudalistic mindset. The play is very brilliantly portraying feudalism, it is shown in this episode that how Taya Sarkar being feudal cannot bear a refusal and how he is making a simple refusal a matter of ego and how brutally he is thinking of using it in his own favor.

The episode begins when Faiq meets Taya Sarkar and he clearly refuses to marry Amber, he says that he likes her but he cannot let his mother down so he will marry where her mother has fixed his marriage. Taya Sarkar makes this refusal his matter of ego. He blames Faiq to play with his daughter’s feelings and also that he is marrying Minhal only for money on which Faiq clearly says that he has everything in his life and he can marry Minhal with any dowry. Taya Sarkar is extremely furious over Faiq’s refusal.


Balaaj tells Taya Sarkar that election campaign is getting tougher as opponents are getting stronger day by day and they have to use some sympathy card on which Taya Sarkar brutally tells him that for that, he needs to kill someone from his own family to gain sympathies from Public and for that he has decided to kill Faiq! Balaaj is shocked to hear that and he is extremely disturbed. He is not ready to follow Taya Sarkar’s instructions.


Malik Jahangir clearly tells Amber that he has fixed her marriage with his friend’s son, they have asked for her proposal, Amber protests but Baba Sarkar is resolute he tells him that Faiq does not deserve her. Pathetic Amber still goes to Faiq’s office where Minhal also sees her and she gets disturbed. Minhal clearly tells Faiq that she will not be going to talk to him until she shares his reality with her.


Balaaj gets very disturbed, he clearly feels that it is not right to kill a person who is going to be husband of Minhal. He tries a lot to convince Taya Sarkar that this is not right but Taya Sarkar is persistent that this needs to be happened and he starts vilifying Faiq’s character that he is playing with Amber’s feeling too and now it is a matter of their honor. Balaaj still does not feel convinced. He says that Faiq seems to him a decent person but Taya Sarkar is insisting that he deserved to be killed, he is being brutal just because his ego is hurt by his refusal.


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