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Meher Posh Episode-17 Review: Miseries of Mehru seems never ending

Shah Jahan's mother wants to make Ayat her daughter in law

Meher Posh Episode-17 ReviewIn this episode Miseries of Mehru seems never ending - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Meher Posh the drama serial airing at Geo Entertainment featuring the much loved real-life couple of Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor, is one of our favourite watches. The play seems to have taken a major turn and now hopefully we will be able to see some romantic scenes of Mehru and Shah Jahan. This episode is all about Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor’s cracking chemistry.

The episode begins with an incident, as two robbers get into Mehru’s house and put her on Gun Point. It seems so scary that there are only ladies in the house and now they are at the mercy of the robbers they could have done anything but this time too Shah Jahan comes to their rescue as Mehru cleverly calls him to inform about the robbers at their home.

Well, the way Shah Jahan gets to know about this incident happening is so weird and absurd. Mehru calls Shah Jahan while she is being held hostage at gunpoint along with her sister, how can she get her mobile phone and how in the presence of the robber she dials Shah Jahan’s number. Shah Jahan’s attempt of rescuing them could be very dangerous, they were armed they could have open the fire on him or at the family.

Shah Jahan’s mother is cooking something in her head. Her hate for Mehru seems never-ending. A neighbor of her advises her to make Ayat her daughter in law and she seems convinced of making her Shah Jahan’s bride as she herself becomes very fond of Ayat. However, she shares this news in a very artful manner by telling her son that she is thinking to bring his bride from that house and Shah Jahan thinks her mother is talking about Mehru not realizing that it could be Ayat as nowadays her mother is getting fond of her and he should know that how much her mother hates Mehru.

Mehru’s friend Shifali is getting married and Mehru being her best friend is there with her helping her out in shopping. She dolls up for her Mehndi and waiting for Shifali’s driver but he is not available, Ayat calls Shah Jahan and asks her to drop her Appi at the function. Shah Jahan is awestruck to see Mehru dressed up like a princess and he is fascinated by her beauty. We really enjoyed this scene of them together, hoping to see such more romantic scenes.

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