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Meher Posh Episode-5 Review: Shah Jahan is rightly feeling guilty for becoming a reason of Mehru’s doom

Mehru questions her father that what was her fault?

Meher-Posh-Episode-5-ReviewIn this episode Shah Jahan is rightly feeling guilty for becoming a reason of Mehru's doom - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Meher Posh the drama serial running on Geo Entertainment is one intense play, in this episode Mehru is questioning her father that for which sin she is being punished for? This episode has shown some progress in the story, and Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor’s performances are impressive. The play is typical Misbah Nousheen’s play with its rightful amount of intrigue and toxicity involved as these are the basic elements in her story, as her previous plays here too actual reason of Mehru’s doom is not Shah Jahan’s stupidity but Shakeela Chahchi’s toxicity.

This episode begins showing Mehru questioning her father that where in life she went wrong? Do you think that I have a bad character, the whole life I have led a simple and spotless life then why Naeem has labeled me characterless and he divorced me on my wedding night without even telling me the actual reason or providing any proofs? Shah Jahan is hearing the whole conversation of Mehru and he is shocked to know what has actually happened with Mehru.

Mehru’s mother shares with Shah Jahan the actual reason for her divorce. She tells him that some boys have said some really inappropriate things about Mehru which was heard by her husband. Shah Jahan is feeling extremely guilty that he is the actual reason behind Mehru Jee’s doom? He along with her friends got carried away that night on her wedding venue and they have associated some inappropriate stuff with her which has ruined her life.

Well if we see the situation closely the actual reason of Mehru’s divorce is not Shah Jahan’s stupidity but Shakeela Chachi’s toxicity. It is also depicting that our male-oriented society does not allow a girl to comment on any mistake, she even penalized for the sins she has not even committed. It was Shah Jahan and his friend’s fault but poor Mehru is facing all the consequences. Is it healthy to show so much toxicity and vile characters like Sahakeela Chachi frequently on the screens I know they are part of our society but showing them all the time just adds depression and negativity in the minds of the audiences. It is better to show inspiring characters on screens instead of showing helpless or hateful characters all the time.

Mehru’s father’s depression and anxiety is so heartbreaking, the way he takes Shah Jahan with him to Naeem’s house, and then how brutally Naeem has responded to him is such a painful scene. Is Shah Jahan going to accept that it is not Mehru Jee but it was him and his stupid friends who have become the reason for misunderstanding? Will he try to restore Mehru Jee’s tarnished reputation? we have to wait for the next episode.

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