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Mere Humsafar Episode-38 Review: Hala plays a vital role in solving Rumi’s problem

ARY Digital’s drama serial Mere Humsafar is going really strong in terms of its views and ratings but story-wise the play and characters are not making much sense. While the performances are simply incredible. In the previous episode, Hala left us disappointed as she decided to leave Hamza. In this episode, it is shown that Hala plays a vital role in solving Rumi’s problem. Rumi has now Hamza’s back.

This episode is all about Rumi. The whole episode revolves around her and we get to see not much of Hala and Hamza. Rumi is stuck in a real mess when Waqas is totally out of the scene and she is not able to contact him. There are only two days left in her Nikkah ceremony and she knows that Nikkah on Nikkah is a huge sin. Rumi is in a mess as she cannot share anything with anyone.

Rumi is in shambles when she is searching madly for Waqas, she even goes to the cafe where they used to go but there is no sign of him anywhere. Raees sees Rumi strolling on the footpath on the other side of the road. He gets worried. He is wondering what Rumi is doing on that road as he is not able to find her. He calls his wife and tells her the whole thing Shahjahan gets alarmed. She straight away rushes to her college.

Meanwhile, Hala and Maryam are driving their way back home when Hala sees Rumi sitting on a footpath and crying miserably. She immediately gets out of the car and hugs her. She takes her to her apartment where she opens up with Hala trusting her by telling him that she has secretly been nikkahfied to Waqas. Rumi suggests that she should share it with Hamza only he will get out with a solid solution.

Hala calls Hamza and shares with him whatever Rumi has told her. Well, Maryam’s insensitive behavior on this matter looks so weird. At first, when she reacted to Rumi’s revelation, it looks okay but then later when she repeatedly behaves with Hamza is not nice at all. Hala has rightly snubbed her. Hamza is hurt to hear that Rumi has not shared with him anything but now Rumi has his back. Everyone’s reaction was justified. However, Hamza’s reaction is a bit unconventional he is not mad like typical brothers in fact he wants to solve this issue according to her sister’s wish. Hamza has once again won our hearts. The play should end by now it is already 38 episodes down! Rooting for Hala and Hamza’s reunion.

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