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Meri Shehzadi Episode-10 Review: Will Dania enter into politics?

Dania is offered the party ticket in place of Sheroze

Hum Tv drama serial Meri Shehzadi with its unique landscape is a serial we look forward to watch. This show totally belongs to Atiqa Odho. Performances are all on point. In the previous episode we have watched that Dania’s Nana comes to know about Sheroze reality and also that Dania is lying them all the time about Sheroze. In this episode it is shown that Dania is eventually being offered the party ticket by the party chairman in place of Sheroze.

The episode begins with Dania’s Nana gets to know all the reality of Sheroze and Cam through Shahana. It is shown that poor Dania’s position in front of her Nana gets awkward who is faking always that she is being very happy with her married life and is trying to cover Sheroze’s reality all the time from him. Dania’s nana is really upset with Dania for lying with him.

Poor Dania is feeling so bad. She tries her best to satisfy her nana but he is really upset. On the other hand, Cam has demanded a hefty amount of some million dollar as her alimony. Sheroze is shocked that Cam can actually do this to him. Our heart goes out with Dania who has to console her husband when he is breaking out and actually crying for his wife and son out of love and in pain.

Shahana’s dream gets shattered when party chairman refuses to give Sheroze the party ticket because of his ongoing scandal and as a compensation he is offering Shahana this seat. One wonders why Shahana is not happy with this offer? Sheroze is heartbroken when Dania offers him his help she says that she can convince party chairperson. Sheroze is such a horrible person that instead of acknowledging her wife’s sincere intentions for him, he makes fun of her in front of his mother and khala Andaleeb.

Well it is Shahana who shocks them by saying that Dania is right, take appointment from the party leader for Dania. It makes Dania and her father really happy. Dania is all set to convince the party chairman to give seat to her husband. She gives a very convincing speech in front of the chairperson reminding them how her family always treated this party as a family and how loyal they are with the party so they have to pay back. She says that she as a woman abjure all such false allegations on her husband then what else they need? The party chairman shocks her by saying that he can offer her the ticket instead of Sheroze.

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