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Meri Shehzadi Episode-12 Review: Dania is expecting and Shahana is deliberately making her stay away from political matters

Dania is given a ministry of Human resources and welfare

Meri Shehzadi the drama serial airing at HUM TV is quite interesting as the story has very large canvas. Performance of Urwa Hocane is not much impressive at few places. In the previous episode we have watched that Dania is winning hearts and elections. In this episode it is shown that Dania is expecting and she is also given a ministry whereas Shahana has become the CM.

Dania is winning hearts and elections. On the same day she gets to know about her pregnancy too. Dania’s pregnancy at this point is going to make a very vital role as Shehroze and Shahana will make it as an excuse for her to make her stay back stage. Shehroze is super happy on getting Dania’s pregnancy news. Everything is going according to their planning. Dania is going to give them a heir and she has also won a seat.

As we have seen before Dania is merely a puppet. The day she has won the election Shahana is deliberately making her stay away from political matters. She even does not care to take her to the Chairman meeting. Shahana is given the CM seat it is shown that she won with only 18 votes whereas Dania has won the elections with a clear lead of 20000 votes. Chairman also gives Dania the ministry of human resources and welfare.

Well the ministry suits with Dania’s persona she used to work a lot for the welfare of the people. Dania when gets to know that she has been given this seat she becomes very happy and excited, all of sudden she once again want to do a lot for the welfare of the people but her dream of working for people gets shattered when Shehroze asks her to refuse to take this ministry as she is going through pregnancy.

Pregnancy is just an excuse actually it is Shahana’s insecurities which are making her jealous of Dania. She does not want her to take this ministry. Actually Shahana does not want her to excel,” a strong woman is a threat” Lady Diana has once said in her interview like her, Dania has also become a threat for Shahana. Dania has won hearts and she is gaining immense popularity. Dania is sad to withdraw from that ministry she is dying to help people. However her Nana has suggested her that why she is so dependent of ministry and government she can help people like the way she used to before on her own. Dania will continue her welfare work.

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