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Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida Ep-9 Review: Shafaq is playing her cards very smartly

Ulfaat is persisting Shahaan to marry Shafaq

Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida Ep-9 ReviewIn this episode Shafaq is playing her cards very smartly - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Drama serial Mohabbat Tujhay Alvida airing at HUM TV is one interesting watch although the play is quite over the top and heavily caricatured. We are really missing Ulfaat and Shahaan’s old school romance scenes, this episode has a rainy romance scene but it was not the same. Sonya Hussyn and Zahid Ahmed’s crackling chemistry is what makes the play an interesting Watch. Mansha Pasha is also giving a brilliant performance.

Ulfaat is persistent that Shahaan should marry Shafaq, not realizing that he is happy with it or not. One thing is shown so exaggeratedly that Ulfaat in her greed agrees with Shafaq and made a deal with her without even asking Shahaan. Greed has blinded her so much so that she is now not ready to step back. Her jealous so-called friend reveals her plans to her mother in law, her poor mother in law is so worried when she hears Ulfaat’s idiotic plan.

Whereas Shafaq on the other hand is playing her cards very smartly when she sees that poor Shahaan is not mentally present at the meeting and he has not done his work, she starts snubbing him as a boss that what is his problem why he is being so lost? When poor Shahaan gathers the courage and tells her what Ulfaat is demanding from him she acts as if she is shocked and she has minded it. She asks Shahaan to leave but deep inside butterflies are dancing in her stomach and she is so meanly happy.

Well Ulfaat is so idiot that she takes Shahaan’s proposal for Shafaq and asks her hand from her father telling him that being Shahaan’s wife she is okay and happy with this and moreover she tells Shafaq’s father that Shafaq herself wants this. Shafaq’s father does not appreciate the idea he says to Shafaq that how can she opt for a married man who is also the father of a son? It seems that Shafaq is feeling guilty over it as her father’s words are echoing in her head and tears are rolling down her cheeks.

Shahaan is resolute that no matter what happens he is not going to marry Shafaq at any cost. Ulfaat has even convinced her mother in law to persuade Shahaan to marry Shafaq. Then there is that rainy night where Ulfaat fulfills her promise of making pakoras and goes towards Shahaan, he shares his helplessness with her that he cannot share himself with anyone, he cannot love any other girl except her, she is her only love. How naive and cruel Ulfaat is to not value Shahaan’s, priceless love? she has almost sold his love for 15 Crores! How cruel is Shafaq who knows that Shahaan so passionately loves his wife and son then why she is after him ruining his happily married life? Shahaan’s love for Ulfaat can never be for Shafaq why can’t she realize that and have some self-respect?

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