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Muhabbat Tujhay Alvida Episode-2 Review: Shahan’s lie spoils his beautiful relationship with his wife

But Ulfaat loves her husband more than anything...

Muhabbat Tujhay Alvida Episode-2 ReviewIn this episode Shahan's lie spoils his beautiful relationship with his wife - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

The newly started drama serial on HUM TV Muhabbat Tujhay Alvida aired its second episode and now we can see the characters in a better light. Ulfaat is a materialistic woman but besides having this trait she is more of a loving and caring wife who selflessly loves her husband more than anything and her heart beats only for him. Unlike the first episode, Sonya Hussyn has very artfully played her role, Mansha Pasha is also impressive as well as Zahid Ahmed trying to do his best.

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The episode begins when Shahan breaks the news of his losing the job to his family. Well from the previous episode perceived image of Ulfaat her earnest desire to become rich, we were expecting that she will make a lot of hue and cry after hearing Shahan’s lost his job or at least she will show a bit of her anxiety but she acts like a caring and sensible wife telling her husband that for her he is the most important person in her life. Well, here it is establishing the fact that for Ulfaat her first love is her husband.

Shafaq calls Shahan back at his office and restores his job by advising him to speak less. Shahan is more than happy to know that his got his job back. It seems that Shafaq has developed a certain kind of liking for him but it is not more than that. Ulfaat and Shahan’s married relationship is so beautiful where they both passionately love each other more than anything else in their lives.

There is one tragic event that leads to spoil this beautiful relationship Ulfaat is eyeing on a beautiful gold jhumkas which she sees in a magazine and Shahan is saving money for the last 4 years and this time he has decided that he is going to buy her those jhumkas. Ulfaat is on cloud nine when she hears that her husband is going to gift her those jhumkas she has shared her excitement with her jealous friends who starts envying her more.

The tragic incident is that Shahan’s gets robbed at the street and he is extremely sad that how is he going to face Ulfaat as he has lost all the money that he had for buying jhumkas. Then his friend finds a solution for him and he gives him exact replica of those gold jhumkas. Shahan is reluctant to lie to Ulfaat but he does that to make her happy. Ulfaat who is extremely worried for Shahan after knowing about his mugging incident tells him that for her he is more important than anything.

Shahan gifts her the jhumkas and she asks him are they real, he lies about it. Ulfaat wears them and she gets ridiculed by her friends on lying as they know its imitation. Ulfaat is extremely hurt to know that Shahan has fooled her. She is mad at him. Will this trivial lie is going to become a reason for spoiling Ulfaat and Shahan’s beautiful relationship?

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