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Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida Ep-6 Review: As expected Shafaq is trying to set a price for Shahaan with Ulfaat

Shafaq is showing her true colors to Ulfaat

Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida Ep-6 ReviewIn this episode as expected Shafaq is trying to set a price for Shahaan with Ulfaat - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Muhabbat Tujhe Alvida, the drama serial airing at HUM TV is now getting quite intense. Sonya Hussyn’s performance is very beautiful and intense but at some places is quite over the top which again feels like it is deliberately done to amplify her character, to show her desire to become rich. Mansha Pasha’s performance is also quite impressive. This episode has a turning point where Shafaq shows her true color to Ulfaat by shamelessly demanding her to give her Shahaan (played by Zahid Ahmed).

Shafaq’s character is shown in a negative light, she is desperately falling for her married employee who is also the father of a son, it is disturbing at so many levels. It is clearly workplace harassment. Knowingly that a person is married and happily settled in his family life, she still trying to manipulate the situation. Another disturbing factor is Shafaq’s father being okay with it. He must have stopped her daughter in the first place telling her that it is wrong.

Shafaq is trying to be close with Ulfaat all the time. She is daily sending her driver to her place calling her to spend day with her, showering her with expensive gifts, letting her do all the shopping at her expense. Well, one thing again seems weird that not for a single time Shahaan is stopping Ulfaat to accept such expensive gifts from Shafaq never he has thought that it is not okay to accept such expensive gifts on daily basis. He has not even tried to tell Ulfaat to refuse to take such a gift as it is not okay. Now it is not hurting his self-respect and ego when his boss is taking his wife for shopping at her expense.

Shahaan and his colleague friend are sensing that Ulfaat and Shafaq’s closeness is not good and his friend has an inkling that Shafaq is taking great interest in Shahaan and there must a motif behind her getting close to Ulfaat. He tries to warn his friend with its consequences but Shahaan himself never felt like this despite his boss giving him too much attention and favors. Even Shahaan’s mother is feeling that it is not good for Ulfaat to get close with Shafaq and she in her way tries to stop Ulfaat.

Shafaq is showering her with gifts telling her that she is just like a sister to her and also that she has everything in her life but not love and family relations. She eventually reveals her true colors to Ulfaat by shamelessly demanding her to give her Shahaan against whatever money she wants. Ulfaat’s world turn upside down and she is traumatized. She snubs Shafaq badly for being so shameless and she walks out of her house in a furious mood, Shafaq shamelessly goes after her and tries to negotiate with her. Will Ulfaat’s desire to become rich is going to overcome her passionate love for Shahaan?

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