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Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha Episode-13 Review: Keeping logic aside, this episode is way too filmy

Faha publicly accuses Maheer for still being in touch with Areeb

ARY Digital drama serial Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha is 13 episodes down. The character of Saad is not ceasing to impress us, the only character in the play with which we are so much invested. Keeping logic aside, this episode is way too filmy. In the previous episode, we have seen that Maheer and Saad begin their new life journey on a friendship note. Their friendly bond is so endearing.

Maheer and Saad’s friendly bond looks quite endearing. Saad and Maheer saw their old childhood photo album, by the way, that little album made us nostalgic too, it is giving us 90s vibes. Maheer unlike Meerub in Tere Bin is letting Saad share the bed and seems comfortable with it. What does it mean? Has she accepted Saad as her husband? Saad taking Maheer to the ice cream shop in the middle of the night makes us wonder why Maheer has still not fallen in love with him.

Faha is one unhinged character like her mami when Areeb has not shown up on his engagement night she gets mad and she goes straight to his room. Faha starts digging into his personal stuff. Well question arises, logic demands how come Maheer’s Valima’s card is in Areeb’s room or we assume that it was Areeb’s wedding card which has Maheer’s house address printed on it? If yes then how come Faha knows about the Valima function?

Faha and Areeb have a loud argument where Areeb simply asks her to go away. Faha has made up her mind to take her revenge not from Areeb but from Maheer. She has seen Maheer’s pic in Areeb’s room and has also taken a picture of her address. Faha all dressed up invades the Valima function. By the way, Saad and Maheer were looking too good and happy together when Faha makes her entry making air hostess-like announcements.

Faha in front of all accuses Maheer of still being in contact with her fiance Areeb. Poor Maheer’s world turns upside down she is disgraced in front of all including her family and father. Our evil self says that the selfish Maheer deserves this. Saad like a true gentleman defends Maheer in front of that vile Faha, despite all her accusations he simply asks her to go away. Amidst all this drama Maheer’s father collapses and everyone’s attention is diverted to him. Faha sneaks out of the place. Well after what has happened will Maheer’s in-laws will accept her? we are sure that no matter what happens Saad will always be at her side.

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