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Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha Episode-24 Review: Maheer finally confesses, she has accepted Saad

Areeb is being the antagonist in the story

ARY Digital drama serial Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha is 24 episodes down, and the story must have concluded by now. Maheer finally confesses that she has accepted Saad by heart as her husband despite Areeb’s constant literal and emotional blackmailing. Performances by the lead cast are brilliant Zaviyar’s performance is lacking a bit. In the previous episode, we have seen Maheer finally taking a stand for Saad.

Areeb has challenged Saad to leave Maheer as according to him he is forcefully keeping her in this so-called marriage. Saad has told Areeb that if Maheer herself asked to leave her he will not going to think twice and will leave her. Areeb in his passion thinks that this is the easiest way to get rid of Maheer’s so-called marriage little he knows that Maheer has started developing feelings for Saad or those feelings were always there Maheer was just unaware of it.

Areeb is just being the villain in the story. Despite Maheer’s numerous requests not to bug her he keeps harassing her with his continuous phone calls. Not just phone calls the display of madness outside her house was too much. He literally drags her into his car and when she resists he blackmails her that if she will not go he is going to shoot himself. So in other words he takes Maheer to Saad’s office at gunpoint.

Maheer is shocked to see Saad and she is hurt to hear what they are discussing. When Areeb tells her to ask for a divorce from her so-called husband Maheer loses her cool. She begs not to make her some kind of trophy. She tells clearly to Areeb that she is happy with Saad and asks him to forget her. Maheer faints in front of both. Then comes the stupid hospital scene. Areeb’s mother and Faha insult Maheer in front of Areeb. This seems to go round and round.

Areeb has not stopped here he is so mean and selfish that he is still calling Maheer. I think he is still in a state of denial about the fact that Maheer does not want him but has developed feelings for Saad. The scene where Maheer confesses in front of Saad that she has truly accepted him as her husband and she is happy with it makes Saad the happiest man. It is indeed one of the most satisfying scenes as an audience. Yes, Maheer should end up with Saad not a creep like Areeb!

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