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Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha Episode-29 Review: Saad is still in lock up and Maheer is trying hard to meet him.

Areeb clearly tells Maheer that his aim is to ruin her.

Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha, the ARY Digital drama serial, after its 29 episodes, is still carrying its story going round and round. The play seems to be unnecessarily dragged. Hania Aamir and Wahaj Ali’s performances are super brilliant, though Zaviyar needs some improvement. In the previous episode, we have seen that Faha falsely accuses Saad of attempted rape. In this episode, Saad is still in the lock up and Maheer is trying hard to meet him.

Saad is still in the lockup and Maheer wants to meet him but she has not been allowed to meet her husband as the police officers are following the orders of Areeb. Maheer goes to Areeb’s place in a furious rage and there she goes straight to Areeb who is enjoying his popcorn and warns him that if he will not back off she will going to burn his house, Areeb mocks her threat by offering her matchstick. Areeb is laughing like a lunatic. He clearly tells Maheer that his aim is to ruin her.

Maheer goes back home empty-handed without Saad where Saad’s mother creates a lot of fuss and she starts blaming Maheer for all this. Saad’s mother is not wrong it is because of Areeb’s evil intentions that poor Saad is still in the lock-up! Saad is trapped in this case and Maheer is clear about this. Maheer promises Saad’s mother that she will bring Saad back. Maheer has no idea how but she is resolute to bring him back.

Areeb has stooped new levels of low, I don’t understand why Faha and Areeb are faking this rape case in front of Beenish and Faha’s mothers? Why they are fooling their mothers? Maheer’s mother makes no sense at all after so much has happened but she still wishes Maheer to marry Areeb how could she? I really like the way Maheer defends Saad in front of her mother.

Maheer is trying hard to meet Saad in lockup but the Police officer as per orders of Areeb does not allow Maheer to meet Saad. They are keeping him hungry demanding him to ask Maheer to apologize to Areeb. Saad is resolute that if he will have to stay in lock up all her life he will stay but he will never let Maheer go to Areeb. Saad’s mother loses her temper when she sees Maheer coming back again without Saad she starts blaming her, calling her names, and throws her out of the house. Well, Maheer and we realizes her pain and think that poor lady is justified in some way. The play needs to get a conclusion we are sick and tired of watching these circles again and again.

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