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Muqaddar Episode 32 Review: Unnecessarily stretched story!

GEO Entertainment’s play Muqaddar with its 32 episodes down seems to be is unnecessarily stretched and it is not very pleasing to see that Raima (Madiha Imam) has developed feelings of affiliation for Sardar Saif ( Faysal Qureshi) the one who has kidnapped her, forcefully married her. The performances are amazing as usual.

Raima visits her Mamu’s place, she sees her old room, all her past memories flashback in her mind. She is missing her Mammi. But then Haris returns home and he starts insulting Raima telling her to go. Haris is moving abroad with his family so now it is shown that Raima has no place except Sardar Saif’s house in the world to live.

One of the lamest scenes is when Sardar Saif’s first wife tries to haunt Raima by saying that all Sardar Saif wants from Raima is a male child, his heir then he is going to divorce her. Raima becomes so worried that she expresses her worries to Sardar Saif asking him that has he married her just for having an heir on which Sardar Saif gets mad he tells her that he has married her because he loves her.

Sardar Saif badly yells at his first wife for feeding such nonsense in Raima’s head. Sardar Saif’s first wife is so vile and so pathetic that she is not holding off her lame games nor Sardar Saif is strictly stopping her from all this nonsense. She tries to create a drama in front of Raima that she is very sorry and also that she is pleading her not to make Sardar Saif hate her by touching her feet when Saif sees her in that position, he lightly snubs Raima too for making his first wife begs her like that. Poor Raima is shocked to see Sardar Saif’s first wife’s cleverness.

Moreover, Sardar Saif’s first wife is making Raima work like a cook, she makes her cook food and to do other stuff. She does not stop here she has planned a trap for Raima, she accuses her of stealing her family Necklace. She must have placed it in her room, her plan is to find that in her room and make her guilty for stealing in front of Sardar Saif but all her plan fails when Raima faints at the scene and all Sardar Saif is worried to take her to the hospital. Abeerah also tells her mother to stop all this stupid plotting it will make her position weak in front of her father.

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