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Muqaddar Episode-3 Review: Sardar Saif is obsessed with Raima’s thoughts

Muqaddar the drama serial which revolves around feudalism is a newly started drama serial of Geo Entertainment. Faisal Qureshi is nailing his character as Sardar Saif. The play is a bit flat but it is Faisal Qureshi’s incredible character portrayal of the feudal lord which makes us glued to the screens.

Raima’s guardians her Mamu and Mami are extremely worried by Sardar Saif’s threat. Mami is resolute that they are not going to give their daughter’s hand to Sardar Saif.  But Mamu is worried that  Sardar Saif is so dangerous that he might hurt their only son Haris. Mami also suggests that they silently send Raima to Hyderabad to their relatives but Raima’s Mamu thinks its a bad idea as he is so influential that they cannot hide Raima from him.


Sardar Saif, on the other hand, is obsessed with Raima, he sees her everywhere and his obsession is not hidden from his wife. To her it is nothing new, he used to get obsessed with girls over and over and then that obsession gets over after some time. Sardar Saif is reflecting a true feudal for him a woman is merely a toy who he wants to possess at any cost without considering the girl’s feelings towards him. To him, a girl’s consent does not matter at all.


Raima, on the other hand, is not aware of the tension her Mamu and Mami going through. They are still hiding all this tension from Raima. Haris has gone out of the station on an official trip. Raima is obeying what her Mamu has said to her. He forbids her from going to University and makes an excuse that her Mami is not well. She is such a sweet and caring girl that she does not argue with elders. She has sensed that her Mami is tensed she thinks she is worried about Haris.


Saad, on the other hand, is still obsessed with Raima, although he is engaged with her cousin and he wants to show interest in her he always ends up acting weird. Saad’s fiancee has realized that Saad has zero interest in her, she finds him so boring. She shares her concerns and reservations with her mother but her mother considers him her best match. There is another entry of a character, Hasan Shirazi an actor which Saad’s fiancee admires and it seems that the actor is also showing great interest in her. It seems like poor Saad is not lucky in this case too.

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