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Naulakha – Review Episode 26

What will be the fate of Zain Ali and Tehreem’s relationship? Will love trump all or not?


As the story progresses, Naulakha becomes more and more interesting. While the family dispute is the prominent aspect of the story, all the characters have their own individual presence. Such a commendable job by 7th Sky Entertainment for bringing us this masterpiece!

This episode focused more on the troubled relationship of Tehreem and Zain Ali. However, the rest of the characters play an equal part in the storyline. When Mumtaz heard about Zain Ali and Shafaq’s son, she visits them to show her moral support. She suggests a doctor to Shafaq for her son. Meanwhile, Noor Jehan convinces Shafaq to not go to the doctor that Mumtaz suggested. She thinks that Mumtaz might have some hidden agenda and Shafaq should be careful. Bushra Ansari has given yet another powerful performance as Noor Jehan. Gul-e-Rana Azhar is equally convincing and brilliant as Mumtaz.

Meanwhile, Tehreem is unable to take a decision about Zain Ali. Although they are separated, both are having trouble getting over each other. Although she is still heartbroken, Tehreem has found a supportive friend in Hammad. However, Hammad wants to take their relationship to the next level and tries to convince Tehreem to trust him. But it is not an easy decision for her, so she tells him that she will think about it. Sarwat Gillani and Fahad Mirza show superb on-screen chemistry.

Shafaq is devastated because of her son’s illness. On top of that, Zain Ali is distant from her and spends most of his time thinking about Tehreem. When Shafaq tries to confront him about it, he tells her that he loves Tehreem. Shafaq is shattered to hear this and tells Zain Ali that Tehreem just wanted the ‘Naulakha’ which she has, therefore, she left him. However, Zain Ali refuses to believe this.


Will Zain Ali and Tehreem reunite or is this the end for them? What will be the fate of Shafaq? We will have to wait for the next week’s episode for the answers.

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