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Pehchaan Episode-11 and 12 Review: Infidelity it is!

Finally the reason of divorce is revealed in these episodes

Pehchaan Episode-11 and 12 ReviewPehchaan Episode-11 and 12 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Hum TV drama serial Pehchaan is 12 episodes down and finally, we get to know the reason why Cookie is asking for a divorce. Performances are on point, particularly it is Hiba Bukhari’s best work to date. In the previous episodes, we were a bit annoyed by the unnecessary suspense dragging as we really want to know the reason why Cookie wants a divorce? In this episode, the reason revealed is that infidelity was committed by Adnan.

Episode 11 is still dragging but we get to know why Cookie left her Phupho’s place and also where did her luggage go? Cookie leaves Phupho’s house because she is trying to insist she get back to her husband. I don’t understand why Cookie is not discussing this with anyone why she is not facing Adnan and telling him the reason why she wants a divorce?

I feel like Phupho Safina’s track is not much of relevant but it is heart-touching to see her rejoicing when her brother visits her after years. They both were having quality sibling time and it looks so cute that Cookie’s father is actually hiding about this meeting from his wife. The reason behind this animosity is still not clear.

Well, the reason why Cookie wants a divorce is finally been revealed in Episode 12 but it is not revealed by Cookie herself. It unravels through the flashbacks where Adnan is recalling his wedding days and how his heart was not in the marriage from the day first. It is shown how mean and heartless Adnan is in that marriage. Even on his wedding night, he has shown no interest in her whereas Cookie is a hopeless romantic who has grown up reading romantic novels and idealizing their heroes. She always expects a lot from Adnan but she also gets disappointed in their loveless relationship.

Well, the question arises if this relationship is that dull and loveless then how come Cookie has spent 13 years happily with him? We have been hinted at in the first episode about infidelity when Cookie is telling Adnan robotically that her friend’s husband is cheating on her. It is actually she indirectly telling her husband. Why Cookie is not directly questioning him? She is feeling betrayed as Adnan is fooling her for all those years. However; Cookie abandoning her children is not something nice but now it makes sense. Cookie is rightly asking for a divorce and her leaving her children is just because she knows, unlike Adnan she cannot give them a bright future. Hooked!

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