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Pehchaan Episode-7 and 8 Review: Its all about flashbacks

Cookie's dynamics with her phupho and niece are so endearing

Pehchaan Episode-7 and 8 ReviewPehchaan Episode-7 and 8 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Pehchaan the drama serial airing on HUM TV is one unique story and it’s quite engaging. Hiba Bukhari, Syed Jibran and Mirza Zain Baig’s performances along with the supporting cast are simply brilliant. In the previous episode, Cookie demands a divorce from her husband and she is ready to abandon her kids. This episode is all about flashbacks of Cookie’s past, of her maiden days.

Cookie is resolute that she wants a divorce from Adnan and she is ready to abandon her kids. Cookie gets the guts to speak it aloud in front of her father-in-law reiterating that she wants to leave Adnan and they can keep the kids with them. Well, Cookie seems to have to go through mental issues as her leaving her husband makes sense but abandoning her kids is not making any sense at all.

Adnan’s father is telling him not to take any steps for the sake of his family and just wait for a while. Adnan discusses Cookie’s behavior with her daughter who is shocked to know that her mother is ready to break their home and she is also shattered to know she is abandoning them too. Kids are heartbroken and yet Cookie is all composed at her parent’s place not even thinking about her kids all she thinks is about her past and about her Phupho.

Phupho and niece’s dynamics for the first time are shown in a very positive light in this play. All the day Cookie was missing she spent with her spinster Phupho who is abandoned by Cookie’s father and family. Cookie’s relationship with her Phupho is quite endearing and she gives all the gifts she bought for her family to her Phupho. Another beautiful Phupho niece dynamic is between Cookie and her own niece who unlike her own family is super supportive and caring towards her phupho.

There are lots of flashbacks of Cookie’s maiden days. Well in a few places I find these episodes bit dragging with lots of flashbacks and the story not moving much. Cookie is having reveries of her past when Aziz professes his love for her and she has declined his proposal. It is shown that Adnan in a fit of anger goes to Aziz’s place and points a pistol at him blaming him to be part of Cookie’s plan. Well, one thing happens Aziz gets to know that Cookie is asking for a divorce. Aziz’s character doesn’t seem to look that simple it seems that he is also going to add something to the story. Interesting buildup!

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