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Pehli Si Muhabbat Episode 20 Review: Sikandar is a thorough sadist

Rakhsi's helplessness is so heart wrenching

Pehli Si Muhabbat Episode 20 ReviewPehli Si Muhabbat Episode 20 Review | OyeYeah News

After the 20th episode down Pehli Si Muhabbat is still an emotional roller coaster ride. The play is getting more intense. It seems that the play is all about the stories of unrequited first love be it of Zainab’s, Sikandar’s, Nargis’s, Aslam’s, or Rakshi’s first love their love story do not materialize. In the previous episode, we have seen Aslam and Rakhi’s helplessness and in this episode, we have seen that how the sadistic Sikandar taking great pleasure in teasing Aslam, Akram, and Rakshi.

Faiz allows Rakshi to go on shopping with Sikandar and his mother. However, Sikandar cunningly drops his mother at the hospital and then poor Rakshi is left alone with Sikandar. Rakshi has sensed that there is going to be something fishy when she sees Sikandar taking the car into her old neighborhood. Sikandar takes Rakshi to Akram’s cloth shop for wedding dress shopping.

The pain and agony Aslam and Rakshi are going through at the shop is a matter of great satisfaction and pleasure for that sadistic Sikandar. One wonders what wrong Rakshi and Aslam have done to him that he is punishing him like that? Rakshi does not deserve this humiliation at all. Akram tries to handle the situation himself but the way Aslam hugs his brother and cries his heart out in helplessness is breaking our hearts.

Zainab’s coldness and warmth show is now making us annoying. Sometimes her warm smile at her husband creates hopes that her relationship is going to get better, then all of sudden she turns cold to him and everything gets spoiled. Why Zainab meets that sadist Sikandar once again risking her own reputation? Why she has committed such a huge mistake? She is still fancying that Sikandar is not going to reject her request? It also says that it does not mean that your first love is always with the right person, it can be a big mistake like Zainab’s.

Rakshi’s helpless is so heart-wrenching the way she madly pleading Nargis hysterically not to get married. It is her choice, no one can force her into marriage then why Nargis has turned so cold and strict with her. She should have at least tried to help her when she clearly sees that Rakshi is so uncomfortable after coming back from shopping with him and when she begs that she will never take Aslam’s name but she do not want to get married. Here I think Nargis is falling from grace by not helping her and taking any stand for her. Rakshi should not be forced to marry Sikandar.

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