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Pinjra Episode-22 Review: Arsalan finally musters some courage and proposes to Wajiha

This episode seems to be a filler one

Pinjra the drama serial airing at ARY Digital is now 22 episodes down and now it seems that the story is unnecessarily stretched. Despite excellent performances and messaging, this particular episode seems like a filler. In the previous episode, we get to know that there are barely any redeeming attributes in Javaid. In this episode, it is shown that Arsalan finally musters some courage and proposes to Wajiha.

We are still wondering why Abhaan wants to escape from the Remand House. Thank God his roommate Saleem has put some sanity in his head by refusing to be part of his plan. Abhaan gets convinced by Saleem not to give his thought a try. The way they are missing their mothers is so heart-wrenching. Abhaan has at least feelings for her mother although he is rebellious towards his father.

Umer’s parent’s scenes are not making any sense at one place his father seems concerned for his wife but in the other scene, he tells her that he is not going to let go of his revenge game. He wants justice for his son but that justice will be like his own ways disregarding what his wife is trying to suggest to him. Umer’s father wants to procure CCTV camera recordings and we have seen that it is not a big deal for him to get them from school management as he is a major donor.

Azaan has got a scholarship for America. Will he leave his mother in such a situation? We have seen Javaid being happy for his son, it is like he is living his own dream through Azaan getting that scholarship. We have seen his vulnerable side of him in this scene where he in his own way tries to open his heart to his son but never he accepts that he has wronged Abhaan although he is regretting it. Javaid’s character portrayal is done with such mastery that he is a perfect grey character, so human and so natural, it is not like he turns into a new leaf all of a sudden.

This episode is more focused on Arsalan and Wajiha. Arsalan finally musters the courage to propose to Wajiha not realizing that she has her own baggage. Dua sees her mother’s hand held by Arsalan and he is proposing to her. Dua gets mad at her mother which makes sense because children are possessive towards their parents and it is often hard for them to even think of sharing with another person so Dua is not an exception. We want some kind of relief for poor Abhaan.

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