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Prem Gali Episode-10 Review: Things are Looking Up for Joya and Hamza

But can they overcome the obstacles?

Prem Gali Episode-10 ReviewIn this episode things are Looking Up for Joya and Hamza - OyeYeah Drama Review

When Prem Gali started some ten weeks ago we weren’t too impressed with the effort of making a rom-com and expected it to be another run of the mill drama. However, 10 episodes down the lane this Farhan Saeed and Sohai Ali Abro starrer have started to get on the favorites list.

In this episode, Hamza (Farhan) finally manages to send his proposal to Joya’s (Sohai) home, despite his Luqman’s (Abdullah Farhat Ullah) opposition. At Joya’s house, Nani has already set the groundwork for Hamza’s acceptance without Shireen’s (Saba Hamid) suspicions.

As the two families proceed towards marriage talks, Haseena (Farah Shah) and other neighbors make their futile efforts of sabotaging the relationship, but much to our relief both the families act sane. However, Musarat Khala (Uzma Hassan) and Luqman Chacha are two people who still oppose the idea of this marriage.

How long will it take for Hamza to win it against the madness of Prem Gali is a good question? For now, we are definitely enjoying the chaos this drama is stirring with a good dose of laughter.

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