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Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode-6 Review: Mahajabeen does not belong to this world!

Sarwar is blackmailing Abdullah's mother


Pyar Ke Sadqay, Hum Tv’s drama serial is much more than just a delightful Prime Time Watch, with so many satirical hues, the play is highlighting some serious societal issues. Zanjabeel Asim Shah has proved herself as a versatile writer after penning down intense thrillers like Balaa and Cheekh, she has come up with something different, delightful yet an intense Watch. Yumna Zaidi and Bilal Abbas are nailing their characters with their incredible performances.

The character of Mahajabeen is portrayed as someone out of this world kind of girl, all her scenes are simply a treat to watch, so delightful. The scene where she is buying trophies for herself is so hilarious, she has no idea that she is buying all sports trophies and how she flaunts it in front of her in-laws speak volumes about our rotten societal standards where only toppers are idealized. How Mahajbeen has to lie in order to make herself acceptable to her in-laws.


Sarwar, on the other hand, is playing his cards very smartly, he is perfectly manipulating things. He very cunningly blackmails Abdullah’s mother that if he will reinstate Munshi Jee, he is going to leave her. The poor woman is being exploited by Sarwar and her mother and she has no other choice but to accept Sarwar’s condition. Munshi Sahab has lost his job.


Another societal satire is that poor Mahajabeen and her family, is being fooled by that fake doctor and his mother. They are the ones for whom Mahajabeen is continuously lying to make herself acceptable and respectable in their eyes but they are fraud. The boy is a fake doctor plus her mother in law such a miser woman that she is not buying any expensive stuff for her daughter in law but she is shamelessly demanding a very handsome dowry from Munshi Jee’s family.


Abdullah is in so much love that he still wants to propose Shanzay one last time, while the way Sarwar is mockingly looking at him and his mother is so mean and evil. Abdullah’s mother requests Sarwar to clear all dues of Munshi Jee before his daughter’s marriage, her demand has made Sarwar mad and he says that he knows his job well on which Abdullah’s mother gives a brave statement by saying that relationships die when blackmailing get involved in it, she further says she has lived many years like a widow now she can bear the tag of a divorcee too if things are going to get worse. This bold statement is kind of a shock for Sarwar.

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