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Ramz e Ishq Episode-23 Review: Roshini convinces Rayhan to marry Rania

Ramz e Ishq the drama serial with a very engaging story and the gripping plot is one of our favorite prime time Watch. The play is written by Misbah Nousheen who has brilliantly set the plot and characters. There is an exquisite love triangle of Roshini, Rayhan, and Rania. Roshini and Rayhan are still hiding their relationship and now Rayhan’s family is preparing for his marriage with Rania.

Rayhan secretly goes to Roshini’s room in the middle of the night and tries to confess his true feelings for her. Roshini tries to calm him and tell him to go but he is not ready to listen to him she says that she cannot afford to reveal their reality and for that, she has to marry Rania and he will gradually start liking her too on which he says it is never going to happen as he hates her. Then he takes out an expensive diamond ring and slides it on Roshini’s finger.


Rayhan and Rania’s wedding discussion takes place at the very next day on the dining table where Rayhan really wants to tell the reality to all and wants to refuse the idea of getting married to Rania but Roshini stops him and he helplessly agrees. Rania and her mother get mugged while they were coming back from the shopping. Baray Sahab orders Rayhan to always accompany them at shopping. Rania’s mother also asks Roshini to help Rania in the shopping as a sister.


Umer is planning to make his move and he is desperate to make his place back in the Haveli. He is very much hopeful that he will be forgiven if Roshini and Rayhan do not utter a single word about what he has done with Roshini. He meets his mother in a very secret manner and asks her to beg Roshini for his forgiveness. Rehmat bibi tries her best but still she cannot find the courage to speak up with her.


Roshini although allows Rayhan to marry Rania but she gets so disturbed to even see them talking to each other. Rania sees the expensive ring in Roshini’s hand, Roshini lies that it is artificial but then Rania sees the same ring in the diamond ring shop and asks its price then she is about to check Roshini’s ring when Rayhan intervenes and starts flirting with her, Rania is so happy to see Rayhan saying sweet stuff to her but Rayhan has sensed that Roshini is getting disturbed to see him with her. He later once again sneaks into her room saying that how will she bear when she cannot even see him talking with Rania. Rayhan tells her that he is going to fix up everything.

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