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Ramz e Ishq Episode-9 Review: Roshini survives the suicide attempt

Rehan is mad at Rania for informing Umar about the incident


Ramz e Ishq the drama serial airing on Geo TV has a gripping plot, beautifully written by Misbah Nousheen and well-executed by Siraj ul Haq, the play is no doubt one of the most interesting Prime Time Watch. Mikaal Zulfiqar and Hiba Bukhari are brilliantly playing their roles. The story of the play revolves around a love trio of Roshini, Reyan, and Rania.

Ramz e Ishq Episode 8 Review: Roshini surrenders to all the pressure and attempts suicide

The episode begins showing Roshini is hospitalized, she took a heavy dose of tranquilizers as she was undergoing form too much mental pressure, but Reyan timely brought her to the hospital and she was saved. Reyan is imagining the mental turmoil Roshini is going through which made her took her own life and Reyan shrugs at the thought that God Forbid if something terrible happens to Roshini and him what if he would have failed to save her life.


Rania is extremely mad at Rehan for abandoning her and their plan of outing is ruined, she is actually mad at the fact that Reyan prefers Roshini over her. She calls Umer in a furious range and snubs him for not taking care of his wife and responsibilities and warns him to tell his wife about her limits. Umer is confused about what happened but then he calls her mother in panic, but mistakenly he calls Reyan and starts shouting all about what Rania said to him. Reyan is extremely mad at Rania for calling Umer, he is so mad that he grabs her neck and warns her that never ever think of doing that again.


Dada, on the other hand, is feeling extremely guilty over what they have done with that poor orphan girl Roshini, she is his blood, his granddaughter and he has married off her to their servant! just to punish her for the sin that she has not committed. Moreover, Dada sees a dream where Roshini’s father is blaming his father for ruining her life. He becomes so restless that he wants to meet Roshini at first place and he becomes so angry when he realized that she is hospitalized.


Dada visits Roshini but Roshini is not talking with him, she is completely numb, Phupho is also with them. Phupho starts praising Umer but then Reyan intervenes and stops her from doing that. Dada is not satisfied nor Roshini is talking with him properly so he decided to meet Roshini’s doctor and Reyan accompanied him, well one wonders why he is still being so influenced by her daughter and he is being so neutral with Roshini when he himself knows that he has wronged her. Phuhpo also sends Umer after Reyan and Dada and then again she starts emitting her venom on poor Roshini.

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