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Raqs e Bismil Episode-14 Review: Play turns wishy-washy affair!

Moosa gets hired as bodyguard of Laila jee

Raqs e Bismil Episode-14 ReviewRaqs e Bismil Episode-14 Review - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Raqs e Bismil the drama serial airing at HUM TV has turned wishy-washy in terms of its plot and character development. Some characters are not making any sense at all. In the previous episode, we have seen that Namuraad takes Moosa to a film studio for work. In this episode, we find that the headstrong Moosa (Imran Asraf) gets hired as a personal bodyguard of Laila jee (Zara Sheikh).

The opening scene is quite underwhelming where Moosa is introduced to Laila jee, here Moosa’s submissive side is being shown, where the headstrong and blunt Moosa who never used to get influenced by anyone quietly accepts getting hired as a bodyguard. He also shows no reaction when Laila objects to his condition of having left at Namaz timings. Moosa’s silence here is not gelling well with his character, Moosa has been shown as a free soul who never shies out in pointing right and wrong. Laila objects to his Namaz timings and he being a Peerzada remains quite on that. According to his character, he should have walked out of the office.

Moosa’s urgent need to get work makes sense but it does not make any sense that why he agreed to work in the Film industry. Moosa must have the idea that his working for the Film industry will going to bring more disgrace to his family name. His father will get extremely hurt when he will get to know that his son is working as a bodyguard of a star! Moosa is passionately in love with Zohra but on the other hand, he is also shown to be a good and obedient son, how come he becomes so careless in choosing a field he knows well that it is going to make his father feel worse.

Zohra’s character on the other hand is not making any sense at all. She has been raised all her life to live a life of an escort. She used to be dancing at parties but now she has been acting like a typical wife who belongs to a respected family. She clearly knows her husband’s intentions and she knows the reason why he has married her but still, her getting surprised and shocked at her husband’s demands looks weird.

Similarly, Laila’s husband who happens to be Malik’s friend is not much of a convincing character. Moosa who used to be a man of honor and of stature, stoops himself to be merely a bodyguard of a celebrity who has many rivals with criminal backgrounds. It seems that the words of Moosa’s father are proving true that Moosa has entered into the world of crime. Issa’s struggles to find the truth seems real but Sakina not opening her mouth and not trying to save Moosa is also not going well with her character who is shown extremely daring before. Raqs e Bismil a whole wishy-washy affair!

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