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Romeo Weds Heer- Episode 17 Review

Romeo Weds Heer is a very light-hearted and different serial from the usual themed drama produced by the 7th Sky Entertainment and directed by Anjum Shehzad. Taking you away from all the sad, dark and gloomy drama hassles, producer duo Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi have created a Rom-Com drama that gives you an hour of smiles, emotions and some hearty giggles.

The lead roles of the drama are played by Feroze Khan as Romeo and Sana Javed as Heer who are University lovers trying to tie the knot.

Episode 17 of Romeo Weds Heer took a rather slow road towards story improvement but nevertheless, it was well written, well-acted and well delivered to the audience. What I liked most of the episode was how wonderfully the writer, Mohammad Younus Butt has incorporated funny dialogues even in the most intense situations. That has truly framed the drama into being one of a kind romantic story with a side of humor.
Two lovers from two different families, trying to come together is what this episode revolved around.

The entire episode was much focused on the current problem that Romeo and Heer are facing. Heer’s family is a typical type of family that we usually see in a middle class. They believe in all the “rasm-o-rivaj”, the traditions and the culture that has been going down through generations. Romeo’s family, on the other hand, is the posh upper-class family who has modernized themselves and adopted a modern lifestyle.

It was rather funny how Romeo’s mom simply picks up the phone to set the marriage date while Heer’s family was desperately waiting for them to come home with all the “date fixing tayyari” such as suit pieces for everyone, calling the entire extended family and all the snacks that typically happen during the date fixing ceremony.

And then, things take an unexpected road towards a family fight.

The twist in the story came about when Romeo’s parents visited Heer’s home to set the wedding date and were pointed out that they have come empty handed for such an event that is out of the traditional norm. We see a true typical Pakistani culture presented here in this scene and this is what makes us stay true to our roots.

7th Sky Entertainment’s best catch is the humor presented by Shafaat Ali aka “The Damaad”.

He really did bring out the extended humor in the drama because even if he is not fooling around with funny puns, his dialogue delivery for simple sentences and the facial expressions that he makes along with that, makes every dialogue he says way more funny.

So all in all, Episode 17 of Romeo Weds Heer, is on a turning point. Stay tuned to see what Romeo and Heer have planned to bring their families together.

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