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Sabaat Episode 24 Review: Anaya’s suffering is so heart wrenching

Sabaat the drama serial airing at HUM TV is one of the finest Prime Time Watch with brilliant performances, great script, and equally good execution. In this episode, Anaya’s suffering is so heart-wrenching she is bearing the pain of Hassan’s mistrusting her, and then she sees her dear father dying. Mawra Hocane has given an impeccable performance in this play and also Muhammad Ahmed and Seemi Raheel’s performances are incredible.

Poor Anaya is facing all this like a brave heart, she is bearing the burden and pain of Hassan accusing her of infidelity and then her father’s condition is getting worse and she has to pretend in front of him that she does not know about his health and also she is hiding from him all about Hassan. The fake call she and her mother makes and drops it when her father asks her that he wants to talk with Hassan, is so heartbreaking.

Miraal disguises herself as a Hijabi woman and goes to Dr. Haris’s clinic, taking an appointment from him and pretending to be a woman named Maham. Dr. Haris welcomes her at his clinic with a smile but his smile soon fades away when that Maham named woman slides her veil and it is Miraal catching him red-handed. Miraal is not ready to even listen to him. She has blocked his number and she is living at a friend’s place.

Well, Dr. Haris is such a failed psychiatrist that he could do nothing to treat her own wife. Miraal’s madness is getting out of hands. Hassan’s mother warns him of Allah’s wrath for wrongly accusing his wife but then Hassan’s father intervenes, he starts insulting his wife. Anaya sees her father’s health deteriorating and her father dies in front of her telling her to take good care of herself.

Anaya’s father (Muhammad Ahmed) has given an impeccable performance as an ill person, his coughing seems so genuine. Anaya (Mawra Hocane) has given a memorable performance, in fact, it is her best work to date. When Miraal hears about Anaya’s father’s death there is a hint of expressions on her face for a while which may suggest that she is sorry but then the next thing she says is that Hassan should not get this news. Miraal’s friend tries her best to instill some sanity in her but Miraal is a gone case. She is not ready to listen to anyone, she is even ruining her own house for a baseless stupid reason.

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