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Sang e Mah Episode-23 Review: Hilmand is doomed at the Jirga!

Zarsanga confesses that she murdered Nasarullah at Jirga

Sang e Mah Episode-23 ReviewSang e Mah Episode-23 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Sang e Mah the HUM TV drama serial is one classy play, with an interesting plot and intriguing characters you get really invested in the characters and story. Performances by the ensemble cast are incredible. In the previous episode, we have seen that eventually comes the Jirga day. In this episode Jirga goes against Hilmand, he is doomed when his own mother confesses that she has killed his former husband, not Haaji Marjaan.

Haaji Marjaan is there to accept whatever is destined for him. Hilmand asks him to swear that he has not killed his father. Haaji Marjaan is about to swear when Zarsanga appears revealing the truth in front of all, confessing that it is not Haaji but her who has poisoned Nasar Ullah khan. She further reveals that she has done that because he has committed Ghaagh to her.

Hilmand is broken not because the evidence is going against her but because his own mother has killed his father and not just that she has broken the idol of Nasar Ullah which Hilmand has set in his mind and now that idol has fallen from that pedestal he has also broken along with the pieces of his father’s idol and on top of that when Zarsanga says that “Meray Khan per 10 Hilmand Qurbaan” it is such a hurting line.

Atif Aslam has given a brilliant performance, then we have Hamlet’s famous To Be or Not To Be Soliloquy, Hilmand utters a long monologue in his famous poetic way and it is quite heartbreaking. Our heart goes out for him till he has uttered that “Aurat ki Gawahi tu aadhi hoti hay” he is not ready to trust her own mother. The question here arising in our minds is has Zarsanga really killed her husband or she is lying to save Haaji Marjaan?

Gulmeena tells Badam Gul that she has never ever heard about her Khala’s Ghaag from her mother making us wonder that has it really happened? Well we are loving Haaji Marjaan and Zarsanga’s love story and I am certainly from team Haaji Marjaan not team Hilmand. Good to see Mastaan Singh finally getting wedded. His first words to his wife are ‘never ever encourage me to lie it will ruin the blessing in the house’ and looks so cute and it is also endorsing that Mastaan Singh is a man of honor. At the end of the episode, we have been introduced to a negative character who happens to be Hilmand’s grandfather. We are left wondering how he is going to be linked with Hilmand and are they both going to seek revenge for Nasarullah together?

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