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Sang-e-Mah Episode-3 Review: Hilmand is looking for ways to take his revenge

Mystery unfolds a bit, revealing Hilmand is not Haji Marjan's son

Sang-e-Mah Episode-3 ReviewSang-e-Mah Episode-3 Review | OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Hum TV’s newly started drama serial Sang e Mah is super intriguing with its mysterious characters and stories. This episode once again belongs to Atif Aslam he has totally nailed his character as Hilmand. In the previous episode, it was the mystery of the story and characters made us wonder. However; in this episode, the mystery unravels a bit.

The episode begins when Hikmat’s mother goes to Zarghona’s place to ask for Gulmeena’s hand. There she cracks a very inappropriate joke on which strangely Gulmeena also laughs. However, Hikmat’s mother gets snubbed by Zarghona. We are intrigued to know their backstory. Hikmat’s mother asks for Gulmeena’s hand but Zarghona refuses in a very insulting manner but Hikmat’s mother is resolute that she will make Gulmeena her daughter-in-law.

Mastan Singh Pathan is yet another intriguing character. In this episode, we have seen him in a lighter mood. On his way back from Gurdwara he has brought gifts for all including Zarghona. There is definitely a history between Zarghona and Mastaan. He calls Gulmeena beti and she is too frank with him making us wonder if his real daughter? Why Zarghona has accepted and collected his chaddar’s gift but not touched it or used it? Why Gulmeena has broken Badam Gul’s glasses?

Hilmand’s madness is now making some sense. The grave he is sitting on is his father’s. The mystery is bit unfolds with a flashback. Haji Marjan has pursued Hilmand’s mother to marry him when she is already married to his father and Hilmand is a child. It suggests that Haji Marjan has killed his father and now Hilmand wants his revenge. It seems that Haji Marjaan’s guilt is not letting him sleep in peace, Hilmand’s nightmares of killing him taking his father’s revenge scare him all night. Hilmand on the other hand is looking for ways to take his revenge.

The urban touch in this fictional world of Lesperian is Sheharzade who is making a story on the Ghaaq ritual. We have seen that Ghaaq’s sole purpose is not just marrying the girl but sometimes it is done out of grudge and envy. That woman’s story of how her daughter’s life has been ruined in the name of this Ghaag ritual, her daughters now cannot marry because of the societal pressures. The episode ends on another intriguing note when Hilmand goes to a Sikh’s household to meet a very old Sikh man and there he tells him in private that he cannot be in peace until he will not tell him the story. Well, one wonders how is this old man linked to his father’s death?

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