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Shahrukh Ki Saaliyaan Episode 17 Review: Glucose is faking blindness to win Mickey’s love

Shahrukh Ki Saaliyaan, the sitcom airing on Geo TV, is one of our favorite ones as it features top-quality comedy, no cheap liners farces what we see every day running on other channels. Dr. Muhammad Younis Butt never fails to impress us with his brilliant sense of humor. The ongoing Rishta hunt for Shahrukh ki Saaliyaan is still continued in this episode. As for Shahrukh and Anoushe, marriage is possible only when they marry off all their sisters!


The episode starts with a very funny situation when Anoushe and Shahrukh’s boss goes to Hawaldaar Saab’s house seeking for Nigaar’s rishta. Everyone, there is calling him Uncle including Nigaar. He then shyly, talks about his proposal and leaves the place. The after scenes in the office are really very funny when the boss is getting conscious about his looks whether he looks like an uncle or not and try to confirm that from his office girl, its all pretty hilarious.


Shahrukh and Anoushe are still after Glucose, as they really want to hook up him with Mickey. Well winning Mickey’s heart is not an easy task and that Glucose knows. Shahrukh advice Glucose that he should try the pleading technique it may help him to get her and Glucose thought it sounds like something he can do, as he thinks himself as a pro in it. Shahrukh and Anoushe lie about Glucose that he fights very well and then a fight is set between Mickey and Glucose where Glucose is showered with non stopping punches from Mickey. Mickey starts faking blindness after the fight.


Another comic situation is when a rishta comes from a real fighter for Mickey, he is a huge man with troubling anger which can be evoked any time if he is touched on his shoulder. The way the both son and father speaks English looks so funny. Halwaldaar likes the boy but Glucose is trying hard to create issues however, the rishta thing is not settled. The vacancy is still open for Glucose.

Then there happens to be a series of comic situations when Mickey tries to help Glucose and wants him to see a doctor. On the other hand, Anoushe’s boss sends the Facebook request to Nigaar which she accepts. Boss mood turns good soon after Nigaar accepts his FB request. Glucose gathers the courage to confess his feelings for Mickey while he is still faking the blindness and it seems like Mickey’s heart is now melting for him, she says that for her proposal he has to ask her dad and surprisingly Glucose does that but Halwadaar Saab says that he will be back with his reply after few minutes, making us all wondering what gonna be his reply?

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