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ShahRukh Ki Saliyan Episode-26 Review: Mustaan wants to tell Nigaar the reality!

One of our most favorite comedy-drama serial Shahrukh ki Saliyaan on airs its another episode. Penned down by veteran comedy writer Dr. Muhammad Younis Butt, Shahrukh Ki Saaliyan is a play full of witty dialogues, punch lines, and very interesting characters. Sir Abbas, Halwadaar Sahab, and Komal are our most favorite ones. In this episode too, the problem of marrying off saaliyan is still not solved.

The episode begins when Nigaar and Mickey go at Mustaan’s place for him to try the clothes Nigaar has shopped for him. Sir Abbas goes and changes into Mustaan’s getup and while he is checking out the dresses Nigaar has bought for him, Sir Abbas’s sister Khatoon Bibi comes into the house and even she does not recognize Mustaan this is so strange that she is his sister she must have seen him in his younger life too. Well, she creates an issue and makes the girls go away. Later Abbas reveals his new look to his sister and introduces him as Abbas.


Abbas’s sister tells him that he should first reveal his reality to Nigaar before marriage, no relation can be built on a lie. She says that Abbas the journalist who always talks of truth is trying to marry a girl on the basis of a lie. She convinces Abbas to tell Nigaar all the reality about himself and if she accepts him, only then he can marry her. Abbas makes an effort to talk to Nigaar but he is not getting the chance.


Shahrukh’s parents meet Hawaldaar Sahab and try to request him to let them marry and to pressurize them they say that they have printed Valima cards on which Hawaldar Sahab gets angry and he says that if they try to pressurize him, he will cancel their marriage. Katie, Mickey, and Nigaar tell Halwadaar Sahab that they are cursed by Glucose’s mother, that is why their marriages are not taking place and like the same way he left Glucose mother at the wedding night, their grooms leaves them.


Hawaldaar Sahab has taken the girl’s thought very seriously he feels like he should ask Glucose’s mother to forgive him for that he takes along his childhood best friend and goes at Glucose’s house but he has no courage to face Glucose so he hides his face when he sees Glucose coming on the gate and says that they were here to get donations for Mosque. Anoushe and Shahrukh ask Katie to call Dildaar whose mother has already scolded him on meeting Katie. Katie calls Dildaar and Anoushe directs her what to say but the call ends up when Dildaar’s mother comes and interrupts the call and then she starts beating Dildaar.

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