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Tabeer Episode 25 Review: How much more will life test Tabeer?

Sheharyar accidentally shoots Fawad and he is now critically injured


Tabeer has kept us hooked since day one. The drama with its amazing twists and turns keeps you guessing what would happen next. Over the past few weeks, where we thought life was finally good for poor Tabeer, we have been proven very wrong with last night’s episode. It seems trials and tribulations are not yet over for Tabeer because there is so much more for her to face.

This week, Fawad finally told Sania about his nikkah and this resulted in her falling into a pool. Sania is now in critical condition and hospitalized.

On the other hand, Sheheryar, who had taken a fancy to Tabeer, went ahead and asked Dadi for her hand. Dadi reveals to him about Tabeer’s and Fawad’s nikkah and being the emotional individual he is, and amongst a tussle between him and Fawad, Sheheryar accidentally ends up shooting him.


Tabeer, who has taken an instant dislike to Sheheryar, tells the police straight off that it was him who shot Fawad after a tussle. Tabeer, it seems, will take no more nonsense from just about anybody now. She has a fierce expression when Fawad’s mother tells the police that she might be mistaken but she proves her point that she was the one who saw them engaged in a fight.


Imran Ashraf has truly penned down an intriguing tale, one, filled with emotions and twists. Superb performances by the lead cast make Tabeer an interesting watch. For now, we’re eager to find out what will now happen to Fawad who has been critically injured. Are Tabeer’s tests not over yet? How many more traumas will this little girl have to face?


For now we’re eagerly awaiting the next episode of Tabeer because it is perhaps where we’ll find out what happens next. So tune in to Hum TV next week, Tuesday at 8pm to find out Tabeer’s fate.

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