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Tere Bin Episode-17 and 18 Review: “Et tu, Brute” moments continue between Meerub and Murtasim

The sizzling scene at the swimming pool is the highlight of these episodes.

Tere Bin the 7th Sky Entertainment production is reaching new heights of OTTism and these couple of episodes are also too filmy but not much entertaining except for that pool scene which sets the screen on fire. Credits go to both Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali for agreeing to this scene and giving their best and doing whatever it requires. In the previous episode, we saw Meerub getting abducted but then rescued by Murtasim. In this episode, Murtasim is on his way to take his revenge on Maliks when Meerub gives him “Et tu, Brute” moments by unloading his pistol.

Murtasim is at Malik’s house and there he demands a very illogical and unjust condition. He says his revenge will be ” Honor for Honor” making Murtasim flawed in our eyes for a while. On hearing this condition Malik’s son gets furious and opens fire at Muratasim and Bakhtu intervenes to save Murtasim from taking the hit. Muratasim gets mad he tries to fire back but Meerub has emptied the bullets from the pistol.

Well, Malik is about to shoot him but his father stops him why he does not let him kill his rival? particularly when he is demanding inappropriate and unjust conditions? Why did Malik’s father let Murtasim go why has not let his son kill him? In that way, he would have gotten rid of his biggest rival no? Meerub has given Murtasim the famous ” Et Tu Brute” moment. Although her intention is to save Murtasim from killing anyone at the same time her actions would have caused Murtasim’s death! How naive is Meerub?

Haya going to a Bengali Baji’s den for black magic is a badly executed scene it could have made spookier. Meerub is feeling guilty for putting Murtasim’s life in danger. Murtasim is giving her a cold attitude and in between all comes the sizzling scene at the swimming pool which has put the screen on fire. Their chemistry is crackling and the tension between the couple is rightly executed without crossing the limits. This has set a new standard for OTT serials. Too filmy, too sensual, quite bold and yet entertaining.

Malik has sent her maid girl Naila the next day to Murtasim’s mansion who is weeping to go back to her village. Meerub stands for Naila’s rights and says that it’s not just to use an innocent woman as his revenge. Later we come to know that Murtasim is not that cruel he is marrying her off to Malik’s man. Meerub dares to confront Murtasim at his panchayat but she feels betrayed when Naila says yes to the nikkah.

Murtasim takes Meerub’s intervention in Panchayat as a matter of his honour he gets mad, taking Murtasim back to Hyderabad. On their way back Murtasim in a furious rage driving rashly ends up in a deadly accident. Well, there are many questions arising from that accident. Muratsim and Meerub both were in the front seat and it is shown that a truck has hit them hard. Murtasim is in critical condition and Meerub just got a small bandage on her forehead and gets a fracture at hand. Meerub tells that Murtasim has saved her life by coming in front of her does not make any sense! Thank God Murtasim is safe but Bakhtoo tells everything to Amma Begum. Now, who is going to save Meerub from the wrath of Amma Begum?

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