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Tinkay Ka Sahara Episode-7 Review: The play turns to another sob story

Poor Qadar is so badly treated by her in-laws after Hammad's death

Hum TV drama serial Tinkay Ka Sahara was going so strong in the starting but now this play has turned out to be another sob story. To be honest it has become such a heavy watch. Sonya Hussyn’s performance is simply incredible. In the previous episode, it is seen that Hammad dies as he accidentally got shot by Wasay’s aerial firing. In this episode, it is shown that Qadar is being mistreated by her in-laws after Hammad’s death.

Wasay is in jail, well it is quite unbelievable to see such an influential and affluent person to be behind bars when Qadar is also not pursuing the case. There is no indication of Qadar or Hammad’s family pursuing the case. One thing that makes sense is that it is Wasay’s brother-in-law who has no intentions to release him anytime soon otherwise he would have been a free man.

Well, I am not really happy with how this play has turned out to be another sob story. Hammad was such a likable character why it is needed to kill him why the writer has such a sadistic approach why can’t she show us a happy couple living peacefully? To be honest the level of tragedy and toxicity has gone out of proportion in this play and it is so heavy to watch this episode.

Oh God, what torture it is to watch Qadar being treated so badly by her in-laws. Her sister-in-law is a horrible vile woman who robs her of all her belongings saying that she is now a widow. Hammad’s bhabi is so clever that she takes all the papers from her of the car and flat. It is all Qadar’s earnings and Qadar should have taken a stand for her own self instead of silently giving up all that she had. It is so so unfair happening with Qadar she does not deserve this at all.

I find a little time-lapse in this play on one side Duuriya has just conceived and on the other hand Qadar starts her own home cooking business which grows and flourishes so much so that they have bought the property out of their earnings. Business flourishing takes time. It is a bit unbelievable to show Qadar and Hammad buying a flat so soon out of their business. Anyways poor Qadar has lost everything and her mother-in-law expects her to give up life as well and start living a simple life. Our heart goes out to Qadar what an annoying episode!

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