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Tum Ho Wajah Episode-26 Review: Wajid and Chachu’s plan miserably fails

Tum Ho Wajah the drama serial airing at HUM TV is yet another serial full of miseries. Well, this episode is a bit satisfying and it seems that the play is moving fast towards its conclusion. In this episode, Wajid and Chachu’s planning miserably fails and Sitara is saved from their deadliest trap with the help of Danish and her brothers. Performances were on point.

The episode begins when Sitara calls Danish and tells him what Chachu has done with her. Wajid Sahab calls Sitara and makes her hear her younger brother Zaheer’s voice, he has kidnapped him, and now he is forcing Sitara to come to his house otherwise he will kill her brother. Sitara is so scared that she tells Babar and her mother that she has herself signed the Nikkah papers and now she is going to her husband’s place. Danish has just arrived and he hears all that on the gate. Well, Zaheer is smarter than Sitara he very smartly burns the fake Nikkahnama papers.

Sitara’s mother does not agree with that crap but Babar believes what she says. Sitara’s mother runs after her. Danish is the only positive person in the play, unlike Babar and Shahab who are always so quick to believe whatever they are told. Danish thinks that Sitara is in greater trouble and she is hiding something from him. He also thinks that the Nikkah Nama is forged. He tells Babar that it is super easy to create such fake Nikkah papers nowadays. Well, later they find out that Zaheer is missing too.

Sana tells Shahab that she will leave his house if he is not going to divorce Chanda. Shahab refuses to divorce her and tells to leave the house. Well not for a single moment Shahab is wondering that where is Chanda? what a pathetic character! It seems that if Shahab will divorce Sana, Shahab’s parents will be in greater trouble, her father will ruin Shahab’s family. It seems like Karma is going to hit them hard. Chanda is living with a poor woman in her small house.

Danish comes to save Sitara but Wajid Sahab tells him that it is his father who is the witness of Sitara’s nikkah with him and he has the papers with him, furthermore he tells him that his father has got Sitara’s house papers in that deal. Danish is shocked to hear this. Babar enters with Police accusing Wajid Sahab of kidnapping his brother and sister. Police find and rescue them and they are about to arrest Wajid when he says that Sitara is his wife and he has the Nikkah papers but his servants fail to produce the papers, Zaheer tells him that he has burnt that fake Nikkah nama.

Police are about to arrest him but Sitara’s mother saves him by saying that it is their own matter but if he ever tries to harm her family again then he will be blamed, then she tells him that she has paid off all his favors now she and her family owe him nothing. Sitara’s mother is wondering where she will go now as she has lost her house. Danish tells her that her house will always be hers, he tells them how his father has meanly kept the house papers, he says that he will bring those papers to them.

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