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Tum Ho Wajah Episode-3 Review: Chanda hastily marries Shahab

The blame game continues...

Tum-Ho-Wajah-Episode-3-ReviewIn this episode Chanda hastily marries Shahab - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

This newly started drama serial Tum Ho Wajah on HUM TV is so fast-paced but the actual problem is with the plot which seems a bit flawed. The events are making no sense. The blame game which started in the previous episode continues. Well apart from all these shortcomings it is still an interesting watch and one of the best things about the play is Sawaira Nadeem’s power-packed performance.

Well first thing which is not making any sense to me is Chanda’s mother hiding such a main issue of her daughter from her husband especially when she has seen that Chanda is so desperate about this proposal and she is not slowing down. It should have been her utmost duty to bring that to her husband’s notice, being a father it is his right that he should know well about his daughter but here Chanda’s mother does not want to ruin Chanda’s image in front of her father at the extend of risking her daughter’s reputation.


Another thing which is not making sense is that it all happens in such a haste that over a course of two days Chanda marries Shahab! I mean there were differences between the families and also if Chanda’s mother is not cooperating well with her then she should herself talked with her father. Being daddy’s girl she should have the guts to talk with him about Shabby but no she directly married her without even her parents’ consent and blessings. She has wronged her father.


Chanda’s chachu who happens to be a mean and jealous person takes the best advantage of this situation and so shamelessly advice them to perform Nikkah, he is taking out his grudges for his brother. Even a nikkah is considered void if the bride’s Wali (her father or guardian) is not present at the time Nikkah and without his consent Nikkah does not happen. Well if it is just about getting Nikkafied then too it is making some sense but no Chanda actually marries him. Instead of going back to her house, she spends the night with him in the hotel!


Well we see this blame game still goes and this time Chanda’s Chachu too tries to blame Chanda’s mother for bringing this situation to this level and he is not that wrong. Chanda’s mother is partially responsible for this situation too. If she would have shared every detail with Chanda’s father things would have never turned that worst. Well, Shabby’s father has already warned Chanda’s father about Chanda’s affair so he is dead sure that she has disgraced his name. His condition is so distressing. We really feel bad for the poor father who has spoiled her daughter so much that she has lost her sense of saving her own and her father’s honor.

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